A short but exciting post…

This weekยดs wrap up should be rather short, seeing as I have read exactly nothing this week. I spend most of my time studying, but also some life stuff got in the way…

When The Husband finished work on Thursday we packed our bags and left for Utrecht, where he had booked us tickets for a metal concert/festival. There were three bands playing, but he (and I believe almost everyone else) went there for Ornassi Pazuzu. Although I mainly went along to entertain The Husband, I actually ended up having a very good time. It was fairly small and intimate (I think at its busiest there were maybe 200 people), the music was not nearly as screamy and ‘weird’ as I had feared (just very loud), and the crowd consisted of very normal people.

After we spent the night in Utrecht we spend some time bookshopping. Actually, we just went to comic book stores, and I did pick up some things there.

I picked up the first 3 volumes in the Malcolm Max series, because they were standing to the Lady Mechanika books and looked good. They are written by a German author, and I don’t think they have been translated into English (Goodreads doesn’t seem to know the Dutch editions either though). In a different comic book store I (though The Husband payed them for me) picked up the first volume of Monstress, just because I have heard mainly good things about it and it was very reasonably priced. He also got me the third volume of Pacheco’s Spider-Woman. I have read it already, but on my phone. She is a favourite though so I do want to own physical copies of this series.

We had to make our way home relatively early though, because The Husband had an appointment at the town hall… to sign his ‘Verklaring van Verbondenheid’, meaning he is now officially, finally, a Dutchman ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Which we celebrated by breaking our diet and having some beers and food in town. We had our first chocolate of the month, and it was glorious :p He will be applying for his Dutch passport coming week, and I have already booked a trip to use it on.

So, that was my week. Pretty damn good I would say!

Hoping you are having a lovely day,

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