Wrapping up my Holiday

After sitting at home for three weeks I am going back to work today. I am kinda excited, but also stressing out a fair bit (more on that at the end of this post). I have spent most of my time off trying to catch up with my studies, but on Friday afternoon I finished my first read through of all the books so I decided to at least take the weekend off (which didn’t quite succeed as I still spend my evenings reading through my notes). But contrary to last week I did end up reading something this week! I also baked a bread (though a machine did most of it) and finished up a crochet project… I didn’t have quite enough patience when putting all the bits together, so it turned out a bit crooked. But I’m still happy with how it turned out.

I also went on Netgalley and requested too much… I haven’t received an answer to most of my requests yet, but these are the books I got in so far.

(Luckily) two of the books I received are graphic novels. My haul last week also consisted of just graphic novels, so I am planning/hoping to have a graphic novel binge day somewhere this month. I also received Hooked, which I am beyond excited for. I had a great time with Wendy, Darling, so my hopes are high for this book. And I requested Agatha Anxious and the Deer Island Ghost… middle grade on a a graveyard, and there is a cat. I had to get this.

Blood of Elves was a reread for me, and a buddy read (so I should probably write a full post for it). And I have to say I enjoyed it more than on my first read through. But it also still wasn’t great. There was a lot in here that was annoying me… mostly Triss. And most of the sex stuff you can also include. There also was not nearly enough Geralt in here, nor enough monsters. And the structure was also quite well hidden.

Scribd decided to not work with me, so I had to switch to another audiobook… which turned into a reread of Just One Damned Thing After Another. I have been meaning to reread this so I can continue the series, so this seemed as good a time as any. I liked the characters, and the whole concept. But I just can’t quite put my finger on what this book wanted to do. Nothing really happens while So Much happens. It is very much a setting the scenes story, whilst also spanning 5 years. There are like 50 plot lines here, but I couldn’t really tell you what this book is about. I am excited to continue the series now though.

Many of the short stories/novellas in the Chronicles of St. Mary series are on Audible Plus, so decided to also listen to the 0.5 book. Which is mainly an origin story… I feel if you have read more of the series you may have enjoyed this more than I did. But it was fine. And short :p

The second book in the City Blues Quartet is set in Chicago. And although I enjoyed it, I didn’t quite follow it. If I tell you one of the major side characters is Al Capone, I think you can guess to the feel of this book. Another side character we see fairly regularly is Louis Armstrong, and we get some great scenes in here revolving around music. But ones again we follow three different POV’s solving crimes, and there are just too many names for me to keep track of. I did like it better than the first book though, and am currently listening to the third book which I am very much enjoying so far.

And then we get to the only not-audiobook I have read in the last two months or so… And it was great! The Way of All Flesh follows Raven, an apprentice to become a general practitioner but specialising in midwifery, and Sarah, the doctor’s housemaid. There is a string in suspicious deaths, but because the victims are prostitutes and disgraced housemaids they don’t get investigated… so the two end up teaming up to solve it. Regarding the mystery this is a slower book. We spend a lot of time with the characters and getting a feel for the setting. This book is written by a husband a wife, where she has studied the history of medicine and especially anesthesia. And you can really see this!!! And it great! We get to see the development of chloroform. We get see a host of patients, and lots of difficult births (loads of trigger warnings).

Like I said, I am currently reading sequels. In The Mobster’s Lament quite some time has passed since the first book, and our main characters are now I believe 70 and 57, and have to try get one of their son’s out of jail. The Art of Dying also makes a bit of a jump in time, but only two years or so have passed, though the lives of our main characters has certainly changed. And we seem to be dealing with a female serial killer, from whose perspective we also get some chapters (trigger warnings for domestic violence). It’s great!

Which brings me to June… I have to say I really don’t know if and how much I will be posting. Things have changed quite a bit in my life. I now have a full-time job, and what should be full-time studies. And for the first time in 10 years have synched days off (aka weekends) so we actually go an do things. Even though I have had most of May off, I didn’t read even half of what I would ‘normally’ read, so with going back to work I don’t see myself getting all that much reading time at all. For the last two months my reading has almost entirely consisted of audiobooks I get through whilst doing chores/having lunch/on a commute. There are already quite a few things I have had to give up on, mainly going for long hikes. And I feel this blog is next in line… I just don’t have the time for it anymore, nor will have all that much to write about. I will still be here whenever I can, but don’t hold your breath…

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

11 thoughts on “Wrapping up my Holiday

  1. We take it one step at a time lief. I figure we can just use your summery of witcher here to be added to our reviews. I think we are all going t echo one another’s thoughts with it anyhow.

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      1. Well, I hope figuring it out turns out to be fun too. I know for me it’s been fun because it’s made the hobby of blogging extremely personalized. Even if nobody else sees what goes on behind the scenes, I know and it just “fits”. So I hope you can find your “fit” too 😀

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