Wrapping up my Holiday

After sitting at home for three weeks I am going back to work today. I am kinda excited, but also stressing out a fair bit (more on that at the end of this post). I have spent most of my time off trying to catch up with my studies, but on Friday afternoon I finished…… Continue reading Wrapping up my Holiday

And so it ends, again

In January I decided to quit my job at the zoo. And this week I worked my last day at the vaccinations. And it feels quite weird… but having a job that basically fully relies on there being a pandemic isn’t a very sustainable. I’ll be working mon-friday now… which means I’ll have weekends for…… Continue reading And so it ends, again

We ate too much… again

Last week I told that The Husband and I would go on an exciting city trip. And how lovely it was!!! We went to Rotterdam, probably best known outside of the Netherlands for its port. We went there to see a show of Russell Howard, and seeing as was Easter Monday and The Husband hadn´t…… Continue reading We ate too much… again

I ate too much…

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! We celebrated the way we celebrate everything… by eating too much. We stayed home this time though (but will be leaving for an exciting city trip tomorrow), and I spent quite some time in the kitchen (listening to my audiobook). And the results were great… though I definitely made…… Continue reading I ate too much…