About me…



My name is Milou, 26, Dutch. I graduated three years ago with a masters degree in Biology, specializing in conservation.

I have always loved to read. Whenever it rained, I was happiest (seeing as this was a perfect excuse to stay inside the whole day and finish my book). I usually read sci-fi or fantasy books, although I also a good thriller or detective. I LOVE buying new books, and my bookshelf is my biggest pride. However, my friends were so kind to give me an e-reader for my 21st birthday and I am starting to use it more and more (mostly because of money and bookshelf space issues).

Even though I am Dutch, I read most books in English. Even though my local bookshop has a lot of English books, it is often hard to find that one specific book I really want to read at that moment. So yay online ordering… and e-readers.

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