I ate too much…

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! We celebrated the way we celebrate everything… by eating too much. We stayed home this time though (but will be leaving for an exciting city trip tomorrow), and I spent quite some time in the kitchen (listening to my audiobook). And the results were great… though I definitely made too much. Which, because of said city trip needs to be finished today still. And we haven’t even started the chocolate yet.

Most of my week has been spend at either one of my two jobs, or studying. I have now done my first read through of one of the study books, but I received an email saying that the other book I will need for this module will only arrive in July so I will have to figure out a new schedule. I was very lucky to be send home from work early yesterday, so I have had a decent weekend, and actually got a bit of reading done in it… though it started with a bottle of wine and It Takes Two on the PS4.

One would think last week’s book haul would have been big enough to keep me entertained. But then Netgalley came through…

I’m not sure why Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians was on Netgalley, I guess because they put some new covers on? Anyway, I have been vaguely interested in this so I figured I would request it. And then I got it… I also received Unnatural Ends which sounds very interesting. Historical Mystery which I love… but with a twist. I’m very excited for this one.

I have heard very good things about this author, but her previous book have all been contemporary. This one is filled with magical creatures though, and was added to Audible Plus this week. So I listened to it on my commute and very much enjoyed it. The world and the creatures in it were great, and the way it talked about neurodivergence was so refreshing (which I had hoped from an Own-voices story). I would highly recommend picking this one up.

I told you I was listening to an audiobook during all the cooking I did today. I started and finished Rumaysa, which wasn’t too difficult as it is (at 2x speed) only 2 hours long. This story retells a bunch of fairy tales in a more modern, female friendly and culturally diverse way. We have the obvious Rapunzel, but also Aladin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. make their appearance. This was an enjoyable read for what it was…

I also finished Thor’s Serpents today, which concludes the Blackwell Pages series. And I am very happy with it. I wanted RagnarΓΆk to be epic… not made easy because we are following a bunch of teens. And yes, we got some great fights in there! Where Rick Riordan isn’t working for me, this series is! It is basically the same idea, but I enjoyed it so much more. I guess it is the lack of stupid jokes and idiotic gods. I missed some parts of the mythology in this series, but it did cover a lot and it covered it (in my opinion) well. And there are illustrations in these books (similar to the cover)… though I have to say all the boys have very ‘cool’ and too long hair. I don’t know if that is a thing the artist likes or if it was a nod to vikings. It did kinda annoy me. But that really is just a minor thing.

I am currently two issues into the fifth volume of Ms Marvel which I am still enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. I also started the audiobook of The Impossible Girl, and although I am only 1 chapter into it I am already intrigued. I also really need to pick up some of my Netgalley books, starting with Nettle & Bone. So those are my reading plans for the coming week.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

17 thoughts on “I ate too much…

  1. Looking forward to what you think of Alcatraz. I enjoyed the first 4 books when they were originally released. I’ve just added them to my tbr when I realized the fifth and final book had been finally released. I’ve enjoyed Sanderson’s mg stuff so I’m hoping a re-read won’t ruin anything πŸ™‚

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  2. I hope your trip to the city is a lot of fun! It sounds like you have some great books to readβ€”I’m looking forward to Nettle and Bone a lot too. I’m also curious to see what you think of the Sanderson MG! I want to like his work, but I have a 50/50 track record with it so far, so I’m also hesitant.

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    1. Yeah, I haven’t been enjoying Sanderson as much recently… but this is MG and an older one so maybe? Also it was free and I’m Dutch πŸ™ˆ
      So far the trip is great 😁😁😁


      1. I’ve only just got the Fairy godmother in the team. So far behind. Her writing is very addictive

        I read The Twisted Ones and The Hollow Places. Hollow Places is certainly my favourite so far

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