Rather exhausted…

What a week it has been. I started working my second job, as well as a new study. A lot of new impressions, and I have found myself rather tired in the evenings. Which is great when working evening shifts as well… So on my Sunday off I decided to take it easy. Not. The Husband and I went on an outing to Amsterdam. I needed to get myself some new clothes for work, and we decided to just make a day trip out of it.

We went to see The Batman in a cinema that turned 100 last October. The movie was decent, but I can’t help being somewhat underwhelmed. I had expected to be either great or sht, but it was just fine. Very watchable, but far from ‘the best Batman movie’. I had also expected it to be Dark… but it wasn’t. Even when Batman has to be stopped beating a bad guy to pulp, when we then see the bad guy he doesn’t even have a bloody nose. And overall it wasn’t nearly as gritty as I had expected. It also seems Batman had read the script, because he knew the answers to all the riddles within half a second. Great way to build some tension I guess. One cannot have a Batman movie without the Batmobile… but that was the least exciting car chase I’ve ever seen. Where The Husband was concerned about the portrayal of Gordon and Catwoman, I was mainly worried about Alfred (I hadn’t looked up who they cast for him). I think Serkis could do a good job of it, but I have to say I felt no chemistry between him and Bruce at all. I also cannot say I was very impressed with the music. Danny Elfman has created such an iconic soundtrack and theme, I would have liked to hear it back in some way. Instead what Giacchino has created just made me think of Darth Vader. There are certain things that happen near the end that make No sense and The Husband and I just ended up laughing at some supposedly tense moments. I have to say, there were some humorous moments in here that worked really well, which I hadn’t expected. The fights themselves were put together well, and I liked the way Bruce’s mental health was presented. So yeah, I enjoyed myself but I had expected More.

The Husband and I cannot go to Amsterdam without buying too many books. So, here is a book haul…

I have anxiously been awaiting the paperback edition of A Line to Kill, so imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t originally find this book. It had been put on the 2nd half price table though, which made its eventual find even better. The second book I picked up for the half price was The Hatmakers, a book I was planning to get anyway seeing as I got the sequel already. I have been meaning to start the Adventures on Trains series, so when I saw they had a signed edition of the fourth book Danger at Dead Man’s Pass I grabbed it (you don’t really get signed editions here in The Netherlands). The only other book in the series they had was book two Kidnap on the California Comet. Another book I was desperate to get my hands on was A Fatal Crossing… I ended up paying more for it than I had hoped to but the e-book prices for it were extortionate as well so I just got it. And hope I will love it. Finally I picked up (the paperback of) Gallant. I was waiting out the reviews, but have heard mainly good tings about this book and think it really is one I would enjoy.

I was fairly hesitant to pick up the Ms Marvel comics because teenagers. But earlier this week I was looking for something light before work and decided to just give it a try… and then it was time to leave for work and I had binged through 19 issues. And I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The romance plot in Volume 3 (the insta love with the obvious bad guy) was annoying, but apart from that I had a good time with this series and will continue it for sure. I especially adored the team up with Wolverine. I still doubt the Disney+ series will be for me, but then again, I am not its target audience.

I listened to the audiobook of A Lesson in Love & Murder, the second Herringford and Watts mystery. I enjoyed parts of this, especially seeing how married life is treating Jem. But in general there was a lot in this book that annoyed me or I didn’t care for. It was a struggle to keep focussed on the audiobook, as short as it was, and that was mainly just due to a lack of intrigue. Where the first book was a fun palette cleanser, I didn’t care for this one.

Julia and the Shark isn’t a book I would usually pick up, but it is very beloved and I can see why. It is also a book I really wanted to read physically because it has been put together beautifully. The art in here and the way it incorporates the text is just stunning. A very full on experience that gave me lots of feels.

Content Warning for mental illness and suicide

I am currently reading two Middle Grade books, because those are just easy when everything is a bit hectic at the moment. On my Kobo I am reading the final book in The Blackwell Pages, Thor’s Serpents. I am about 20% in, and am enjoying it quite a bit. I am very excited for the big battle. On audio I am reading the second Darkmouth book, a series I picked up just because Andrew Scott does the narration. It is fun. And there are lots of monsters.

Hoping you are having a wonderful week,

14 thoughts on “Rather exhausted…

  1. I have to admit, I have zero interest in the new batman movie. Well to be honest, in ANY new movie. It feels like a production line trying to shovel crap down my throat as fast as they can 😦

    Glad you had a good time overall though. Has the Ukraine situation affected you guys directly in any way?

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    1. I understand the feeling of not looking forward to new movies. I try keep myself internet and spoiler free for the movies i go see but it is becoming tedious as the movie will only just be anounced and there is already outrage for some stupid shit.

      Ukraine situation: yesterday stepping of the train in amsterdam we were greeted by Red Cross workers holding up boards to try locate possible refugees. The situation to me and milou personally has not effected us that much (i think) mentally for me it has, it feels a bit surreal as we can go about our day while there is a war not far from here. Yolo as they say…

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      1. Yeah, movie culture is becoming extremely toxic. It’s going to self-destruct soon I think.

        I was wondering food or gas/electric prices had shot up sharply for you? I know that the wide variety of food options in the grocery stores that we are used to has been cut down a lot.

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      2. We can’t get sunflower oil anymore, but otherwise we are still fine regarding food. Bread prices were supposed to go up, but I can’t say it has been a significant change. Gas prices depend on the type of contract one has, we are still fine. It’s just petrol that has gotten crazy expansive.

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      3. We have seen price hikes in gas and petrol prices. But milou and i get by under what an avarage household uses so for us not a lot has changed. We also do not drive with the car that often so we can go through about two months some times with not having to fill the car up. It might become more frequent now tho as Milou drives to the second job in the coming months.

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    2. I barely care about movies, and most of what comes out now I’m happy to watch when they go online. We were waiting out the reviews for Batman, and decided we wanted to go if convenient (but wouldnt go out of our way for it).

      Yes and no? Petrol is insanely expansive and the people from vaccinations have been asked to help guide the refugees (I haven’t done that yet tho) and at my new job we might get some refugees as patients. And it is an added reason government is using to try stop us from using gas.

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      1. Movies and me are done. I will watch old stuff and if new stuff ever gets free on prime, I’ll watch it. but I’m burned out on being excited, too many disappointments in the last couple of years.

        Thanks. I was wondering about gas. Stay safe.

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  2. That sounds like a really fun outing! (Even if the movie was only mediocre.) I can see why you are exhausted, though. But I love the book haul! It seems you found some great picks there.

    I’ve read the first of the Ms. Marvel comics, and I remember enjoying it, though I didn’t continue with the series at the time. (I think I was reading a bunch of the free-on-Comixology books, and only the first volume was available to read for free. It’s been a while though, so I’m not positive why I didn’t read more than the first one.)

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    1. We basically just go to Amsterdam to do bookshopping (and have Wagamama). The movie was a nice bonus 😋 I’m very happy with the books I picked up!

      A big reason I binged Ms Marvel is that I have them all on my Marvel Unlimited app. Though of course I wouldn’t have if I didnt like them.


  3. Day outings are the best! And I figured as much when I saw the Batman reviews and many of them were tepid to lukewarm. I’m sure it’s watchable and I will enjoy it, but I think I’ll wait for streaming. Watching it in such a historic cinema must have been cool though!

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    1. Yeah, I think it is fine to wait for streaming. We weren’t decided yet if we wanted to see it in cinema, and at least weren’t gonna go out of our way for it. So it is mainly the fact that we could see it in this historic cinema that made us go 😋 And it was really cool. The whole place just screams 20s


  4. I had a blast in Amsterdam back in 2019 before the pandemic and I’m glad you both made the most of it! I’m also skeptical about the upcoming Ms. Marvel show. It seems like they also changed up her powers… I guess we’ll find out soon enough if it’ll be a hit or a miss. Sorry to hear The Batman didn’t work out too well for you both! Hope the next movie you guys check out will be a solid one! 😀

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    1. Yeah, they thought we might get confused if her powers were too much like Mr Fantastic’s, so they changed hers 😣 Because we didn’t get the multiple ‘very fast’ characters?
      Our next watch will probably be Doc Strange, so that should be good… I hope.

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