Review Driftwood – Marie Brennan

DriftwoodWho is Last?

Fame is rare in Driftwood–it’s hard to get famous if you don’t stick around long enough for people to know you. But many know the guide, Last, a one-blooded survivor who has seen his world end many lifetimes ago. For Driftwood is a strange place of slow apocalypses, where continents eventually crumble into mere neighborhoods, pulled inexorably towards the center in the Crush. Cultures clash, countries fall, and everything eventually disintegrates.

Within the Shreds, a rumor goes around that Last has died. Drifters come together to commemorate him. But who really was Last? Lying liar, or heroic savior? A mercenary, a charlatan, a legend? A man, an immortal–perhaps even a god?

I requested this book on Netgalley because of the author. This book is very different from the Lady Trent series though, apart from that it is excellently written.

This is how I imagine a book about Hoid (Sanderson) would be like. A group of people gather and tell stories about Last, a famous person in this world who is somehow immortal. The format is somewhat like that of the first Witcher books, a collection of short stories through which we get to know the main character and world.

And I love the world. Driftwood is the place words go when they are about to end. They start at the Edge, and slowly move towards the center where they disappear. Driftwood is constantly changing, and a very interesting mix of people, landscapes, geographies, cultures and natural phenomena. The possibilities are endless.

It took me a few chapters to get into this, the lack of main plot line confusing me. But then I was absolutely hooked on this fascinating setting with its diversity in people. It is a shorter read, one I easily got through in a few hours. It is so worth it though, because it is interesting and unique.

I really hope more books will be set in this world. I had a great time with it and highly recommend picking this one up.


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    1. I totally get that. I recently dnf’ed a sherlock short story book which was great, just cause I read it right after another sherlock collection and wanted a ‘proper’ plot. I usually ain’t that into short stories in general.

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