Things I Watched…

I don’t generally like to watch movies and series. They have to be Really good to keep my attention. But The Husband and I have been watching some things recently and I thought I would share with you which I enjoyed, and which I didn’t….

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - IMDb

So yeah, I rewatched The Fellowship of the Ring. It is my comfort movie. I need comfort. Moving on…

The Professor and the Madman (film) - Wikipedia

I really enjoyed The Professor and the Madmad. It is based of a book (I really want to read now), based on true events, and tells the story of how the Oxford English Dictionary was compiled, and a doctor who submitted over 10.000 entries whilst undergoing treatment at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum. The acting is great (especially from Sean Penn), and the story is fascinating. An interesting watch I very much enjoyed.

Sleepy Hollow (film) - Wikipedia

I watched Sleepy Hollow ages ago, and really felt like rewatching it. Some of the effects haven’t aged well, but that is part of its charm (for us). The atmosphere is still very much present, and the guy who did the fight scenes for the horseman is Very talented (I believe he also played Darth Maul, so yes, he is good). Obviously I was going to like this movie.

From Hell (film) - Wikipedia

Another rewatch from ages ago (I didn’t remember anything about this movie apart from who did it), though this one was slightly disappointing. Both me and The Husband remembered it being a lot darker and gorier. Still a decent watch, especially if you know I have a weak for Jack the Ripper stories.

Recensie: The Limehouse Golem (Juan Carlos Medina, 2016)

Whilst searching for From Hell, The Limehouse Golem was recommended to me. And obvioulsy I had to watch it. Bill Nighy’s character has been put on the case of The Limehouse Golem. The main suspect is dead though, and his wife, a music hall star, is accused of poisoning him. We follow the police case, and get to see her life story. There is an interesting twist, and an unexplained ending. I really liked it and would definitely recommend it if you like your historical mystery.

Concussion (2015 film) - Wikipedia

Back to movies based on true stories: Concussion. This was referenced in an audiobook I listened to last year and loved. It tells the story of Bennet Omalu and how he discovered CTE. It shows the struggle of the doctor to raise awareness to this disorder, and the threats he gets from the NFL. Will Smith does and excellent job, and I found this to be an interesting and important movie.

Colombiana - Wikipedia

I wanted to watch something mindless on a ‘let’s stop worrying and get drunk’ night with The Husband, and came across Colombiana. Yes, I mainly picked this for Zoe Saldana. And she is great. This wasn’t a good movie. But it was perfect for some escapist fun and definitely entertained us.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - IMDb

That same night we rewatched Thor Ragnarok (we have never seen this movie sober). What can I say about this? It’s great fun…

Color Out of Space (2019) - IMDb

On The Husband’s request we watched Color out of Space, based on the HP Lovecraft story. I think I liked this. It mainly was Really Weird, but mostly in a good way. I haven’t read the story, so I cannot say how good this modern adaptation is. But I feel it captures the Lovecraftian madness really well. The characters were sometimes a bit frustrating and did stupid things though. But I feel this definitely accomplished what it set out to do.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959 film) - Wikipedia

A few years ago we buddy read a few Jules Verne books, so when I found out that Journey to the Center of the Earth is on Disneyplus, I made The Husband watch it with me. This was filmed in 1959, and aged fairly well. The singing was a bit off putting, and the lizards that were supposed to be dinosaurs were laughable. But otherwise I think they did a good job with it, and captured the story like you would expect it to be going into the book (less of the science, more of the adventure).

And Then There Were None (TV Mini-Series 2015) - IMDb

After The Husband finished his read of the Sherlock Holmes books, someone recommended him to give Agatha Christie a try. Which reminded me that we had meant to watch this adaptation of And then there were none, but never did. And this is where I learned that The Husband is way too clever for this kind of thing… he almost immediately knew who did it (though casting might have played a small part in this as well). That didn’t make this any less great to watch though. I feel they stick very well to the book (of what I can remember), and it being a miniseries, they also have plenty of time to explore the characters.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - IMDb

And then we moved on to a DNF… The Balad of Buster Scruggs. This is a western, and has a great cast. The humour is great, the costumes and settings are perfect, the plotlines interesting enough. However, it is a collection of short stories. Although most of the stories we watched were good, I soon found myself losing interest. I missed the red threat, the overarching plot line. Nothing grabbed my attention and gave me the urge to watch over two hours of it. We decided to spread it over several days, but after day two The Husband was bored with it as well and we never continued. We had some good laughs with it though.

Cuckoo (Series) - TV Tropes

We are currently watching Cuckoo… I only put this on to kill half an hour and because of Greg Davies, never intending to really watch much further than the first episode. And then it turned out to be great and we have started watching it during dinner. We aren’t too far into it, and there are plenty of episodes to keep us busy for a while.

I would like to watch Vienna BloodThe Illusionist and Corraline sometime soonish. Apart from that, I have no idea. But any recommendations would be very welcome.

Hoping you are well,

11 thoughts on “Things I Watched…

  1. I really liked Concussion. Sleepy Hollow was creepy enough for me, don’t want a re-watch 😉 The Limehouse Golem looks interesting, I might give it a try. If you want something weird and contemporary, you may give a chance to Russian Doll (though, in all fairness, I haven’t finished watching it!)

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  2. Wow, that’s a lot of things you’ve watched! We haven’t been watching much in the way of movies or TV shows lately, mostly we’ve been watching stuff on various YouTube channels that we follow.

    I saw Coraline for the first time earlier this year, though, and really enjoyed it. I still haven’t read the book, but the film was great. (If you’re looking for more movies in the style of Coraline, I also enjoyed The Boxtrolls, which was also done by Laika.)

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    1. I usually just watch youtube as well, but we have each our own channels and I guess during lockdown we felt more like watching things together than we usually do.

      I read a book last month that is being compared to Coraline a lot. I’m not the biggest fan of Gaimen’s writing, but the movie looks good. I will certainly check Boxtrolls out as well.


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