We went on an Adventure!!!

Last post I told you all you could get excited to get jealous. Well, the time has come! Jeey.

On the 27th of July The Husband and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary. Of course we had to do something special for it, so somewhere last year I booked us a trip through Iceland. After a long long wait, the time was finally here. Getting there was pretty stressful, because of the chaos at the airports over here. But it turned out all fine. The company I booked our trip through had also sorted out or plain tickets, airport shuttle, the campings, the car, the route… everything really. All we had to do was show up.

So, this was our car. A (4×4) Dacia Duster with a roof tent, in which we drove all around Iceland. We stuck to the coast for the most part, but day 6 was filled with off-roading in the highlands. We did have 1,5day of proper rain, which was a shame. We were absolutely exhausted a lot of the time. But it was so so worth it. Iceland is a land of extremes, with some alien landscapes. The people are great (we met quite some characters) and the towns are tiny and very far apart. Some of the roads were terrifying… especially the 3km 1-way tunnel in which you just had to hope no one would come from the other way. And then there were the sheep. All of the sheep that would just walk on the road and not give a fck about the cars. It was wonderful!

On our trip we spent a lot of time on the road, listening to Moriarty: The Devi’s Game, which is a new podcast on audible. Of course I was going to listen to this, not only because of Moriarty, but definitely also because of Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd. And it was good. You do have to let go of the originals though… Sherlock is Far from a nice guy in this adaptation. But I had a very enjoyable time with it.

This is as good a time as any to adres the other books I have been reading recently.

Spirits of Vengeance is like the Witcher (a man with strange powers travelling together with a poet from town to town to find jobs as a monster killer), but without all the sex (jeey) and Asian influences. It is a Very good read with some interesting characters that go through some decent growth and an intriguing plot (but also a whole lot of fun and some side quests). Highly recommend!

I have written a full review for A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder so feel free to check that out over here.

I started a new historical mystery series… We follow Lady Hardcastle and her ladiesmaid as they move to the country for a quiet life. But of course they end up solving a bunch of crimes. The mysteries themselves aren’t the best, especially the way the clues are given to us. But the characters are wonderful. Hardcastle and her maid have a very non-traditional relationship and are more like companions than employer-employee. They have gone on several adventures before this series and can very much handle themselves. They have a wonderful sense of humour and like to mock each other. These book are just some jolly good fun. Very easy to read and utterly forgetable.

I also finally picked up Cytonic, and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I loved the first book in this series, and was disappointed by the second. And then there was this, which is still not what I wanted it to be. It is well written, in a sense that it is very readable. But it is also very cringy at times, and all of the references very much annoyed me. When Spensa did a reenactment of The Lion King I found myself rolling my eyes. Apart from M-Bot I didn’t care for any of the characters. I just want our original crew back, not this completely new set of characters. I have to say the world was interesting. But I can’t say I found the plot intriguing. Nothing really happened. When I had only 20 pages left in the book I found myself going to bed rather than just push on and finish the book. I have some hopes for the final book, but can’t say I am too excited for it.

Yesterday I went on a hike around the site where the paratroopers of operation Market Garden landed in 1944. And I decided to listen to a book that is on none of my should-read lists, but has been on my phone for a while: Dutch Girl. This tells about Audrey Hepburn, and specifically her time here in the Netherlands. She lived in and around Arnhem during the war and was very much present during Market Garden (hosting refugees and working as a nurse). It was a very impactful read, but that will also be for a large part because I know all the places mentioned in the book and was walking through some of them. I do have to say the book was a bit too long, but still very interesting. It also sheds some light on the gray areas, seeing as her mom met Hitler and was very enamoured by him and started the was as a Nazi sympathiser.

That’s it from me for now. After finishing up this post I will start studying for my new course, which does look like a Lot of work. So I have no idea when I’ll be back. Till then…

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

11 thoughts on “We went on an Adventure!!!

    1. My absolute pleasure! Iceland really was something special, unlike any other place I’ve visited. You def should go someday. When we went we just missed the midnight sun, so looooaaaads of time in the day to go explore. But I can imagine planning your trip so you can see the northern lights must be magical as well.

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