What a month…

So, that was June. Wow. It was Hectic (but great)!

We started the month off with a hiking weekend. I want to try to walk the Dutch part of the Roman border this year, but seeing as I started it only this month, and really don’t walk all that much anymore I may not succeed. Oh well. Anyway, we made a whole weekend out of it, and Dave joined me on the first part of the hike. We started off at the beach and walked to Leiden, where we spent two nights, after which I walked another 27 km. It was a wonderful weekend.

The week after that I did my first exam, which I passed with a 9 out of 10. So jeey me! At least all that time I spent studying payed off! So I decided to have a little break and read loads of comics. I wrote a wrap-up for that, which you can find over here.

Then the next weekend came, in which we went on a short holiday with my family to celebrate a bunch of stuff, including my birthday. I got exactly nothing done then, but that’s fine.

Included a pic of Oihe got diagnosed with Horners Syndrome, which doesn’t look very nice but doesn’t bother him.

I wasn’t done celebrating my birthday just yet though. As soon as The Husband got his Dutch passport (and so didn’t need a visum anymore) we booked ourselves a 36-hours-in-London trip. Which definitely wasn’t long enough because 1) food and 2) bookshops. So we will most definitely be back!!!

So I have been rather busy with fun stuff, work and studying. Therefore I have read a grand total of 2 books (apart from the comic books I read that one weekend). So I guess the wrap-up part of this post won’t be too long at least… I do adore both books luckily. And for some reason they also both deal with infanticide (content warnings).

I got a copy of this book through Netgalley, but waited ended up listening to the audiobook of Dear Little Corpses during my hike at the very start of the month. What I love about this series is that Upson does such an amazing job with the characters. They are all interesting, and every single person has a life outside of the plot. And Josephine just stands out wonderfully. She is an absolute joy to follow. The writing itself is very easy, making this a very fun read even though the plot is very dark. There are some major content warnings in here regarding infanticide and paedophilia, so please be aware of that before picking this book up. The story is set at the start of war in 1939 and the start of the mass child evacuation of London. During the chaos of this, a little girl disappears. This is the 10th book in the series, but the mystery stands on its own. It is nice to know a bit about the main character’s stories, but definitely not necessary. Then again, it is also not a punishment at all to read the other books in this series…

A Corruption of Blood is the third book in its series, written by a husband and wife duo. Certainly a new favourite series for me!!! Again, the characters are just superbly written… flawed but you definitely root for them and just want to be happy. The mystery is very good, and the reveal made me say ‘Of course that’s what happened!’ Nothing was obvious, but it did make perfect sense and was all very satisfying. The setting has been very well researched, which not only makes this a very entertaining read but also a very interesting and even educational one. I just absolutely adored it.

Although I may not have read that much, I did haul quite a few books for both my birthday and during my trip to London (where I picked up some bargains, but books seem to be cheaper in general anyway).

The stack on the left are the books I got for my birthday, the stack on the right are the books I got in London… yeah, I went a bit crazy (I even went to get more books on the airport because I still had space for them in my backpack, and we had had a few drinks…)

Some of you may know that The Husband has a Warhammer special edition collection he is very proud of. The people who made that also did a Marvel collection. He owns a few of those as well, and got me the She Hulk volume…. because he knows me so well. From my parents I got the first two books in His Dark Materials as graphic novel, so that is exciting. And they also got me The Salt Path and The Wild Silence. I don’t know all that much about these books, apart from that they are supposed to be good.

Somehow I doubt anyone will be surprised by the books on this list…. Historical/Mystery/Retelling/Middle Grade/Based on True Events/Atmospheric…

So that was my June. I know I have been very absent on here, for which I won’t apologise. Life is just getting in the way. July won’t be much better probably, though I should be home a bit more. I am starting to fall a bit behind on my reading goals, but I would also like to catch up with some hiking challenges… and I hope to do an exam again before I go on holiday at the end of the month. So I guess I will keep it a surprise when my next post will appear.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

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    1. We visited some musea but didnt stay too long because of All the people… which was fine cause it was free. We def had to rush our way through the bookshops though, would have loved a few more hours there. And there were some more restaurants I had liked to check out. Oh well, plane tickets there are very cheap…

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