I read a Bunch of Comics

As I announced in my previous post, my June is BUSY so I am not able to be very present on here. But on Saturday I sat my first exam (I am still waiting for it to be graded, but I had an 8.5 for the practice exam so I should be fine), and decided to just take the rest of the weekend off and finally get some reading done. I was also hit by a wave of exhaustion though, so I didn’t want to pick up something too taxing. So, I picked up the comics I hauled recently/were on my TBR.

I finished up G Willow Wilson’s run of Ms Marvel by reading 5 volumes of it. Again, I have found myself enjoying the series lot more than I thought I would. We haven’t started the Disney+ series yet, because 1) I wanted to finish the comics first and 2) it really isn’t made for us. I will still give it a try for sure though. The 10th volume felt a bit random, and the Civil War II volume was Very strong. And I thought the others were very solid volumes. G Willow Wilson has done a very good job combining the super hero parts with Kamala’s personal life… without making it a cringy and annoying (because teenagers).

Space Trash is a graphic novel I received through Netgalley… and it was okay? It was definitely not for me though. The plot only starts on page 90 or so, and till then I can’t say I cared all that much for it. I also didn’t care all that much about the characters, and the art style was just fine (though there were some very nice spreads, in general it wasn’t anything special). It is very sapphic, so jeey for those who are looking for that. I personally would have liked to see a character without piercings and dyed hair… Also, that school looks like absolute hell. But yeah, not for me.

When I was in a comic book store a few weeks ago I found this series standing next to the Lady Mechanika books, so I picked them up. Malcolm Max is a historical mystery/steampunk/paranormal series following Malcolm and half-vampire Charisma solving a series of horrible murders committed by a dead man. It was bad but in a fun way? I had hoped to see more of Charisma’s vampire abilities, but I did enjoy the nods to for example Sherlock Holmes. The art style worked very well for the story. There are supposed to be 5 books in this series, but it seems impossible for me to get my hands on the fourth one and if the 5th one does exist it hasn’t been translated yet.

I very much liked the sound of Djeliya… and then I DNF´ed it. This basically is a collection of modernised folklore tales from West Africa. I am not great with short stories… Then there is the art style, which although it fits the story was too unclear for me too follow what was going on. Basically, I found myself 70 pages into with no clue as to what was going on. So I skimmed through some more pages before deciding to just put it down.

And then I finished my weekend off with Monstress. I know… I´m late to the party. But I did enjoy this. I would have liked a little bit more explanation regarding the plot but dripped in towards the end of the volume and I feel we will see more of that in future volumes. The art in here is just stunning!!! At the same time there are some pretty dark and gruesome scenes, but it works really well. I will continue this series for sure, if I can pick the other volumes for relatively cheap as well…

And that was my break… When I finish this post I will start to work out a study planning for my next course. Life after lockdown is also getting a bit out of hand with every weekend till halfway August filled to the brim already. There is a lot of exciting stuff in there though, so I am definitely not complaining.

Hoping you are doing all kinds of wonderful,

13 thoughts on “I read a Bunch of Comics

  1. So Ms Marvel has a tv show now? Man, I thought the movie bombed so there wouldn’t be any of that nonsense. I was obviously wrong :-/

    You’ve got your weekends already planned out through August? ohhhhh, that sounds EXTREMELY busy 😦

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    1. One thing I have learned about the Dutchies is that they like planning things way in advance, if you ever just want to go have a drink/ tea/ coffee with some one, you’ll also have to plan in advance in case it does not fit in with the current schedule. It’s an effective habit to have and has played hell on some of our trips as I have been a very spontaneous person all my life/ come from a culture where you just rock up at some one’s house and go home when you feel like it or the host chases you away. I do like that Milou is a champion at planning things out, I am not as good at it as her. But like she says, we have a few nice trips coming up soon.

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    2. Movie was captain marvel (though that will also have a sequel), Ms Marvel is a teenage Pakistani girl who is very much a fan of captain Marvel.

      Yeah, post-lockdown life with an added bonus of having weekends for the first time ever (and having days off with Dave for the first time ever) has gotten a bit crazy 😜 a lot of housewarmings, bdays and trips got postponed.

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    1. Monstress was so pretty 😍 I wanted to finish the Ms Marvel run before the Disney+ series, and then only watched the first episode. It was decent though. Now I’m trying to finish the Mighty Thor run before watching the movie on the 18th…

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