My first week of holiday

I am now a third of the way through my holiday. Most of my time has been spent studying, though I managed to squeeze in some other things.

The weather has been lovely over here, so I have tried to go for a walk in the park each morning/evening/study break. And on Saturday The Husband joined me for the 17km Haarlem City Walk, which was So nice (including a break for lunch at the local brewery).

I also had to take Oi to the vet. He probably got some sand in his eye, which caused him some annoyance. But he is absolutely fine again now.

What else did I do this week…. Oh, I finished some ‘projects’ and started some new ones. A few weeks ago I got myself some cheap yarn to learn some new-to-me crochet stitches, and early this week I finished my first scarf. I turned out Massive, and the yarn isn’t the softest, so I probably won’t actually end up using it. But I finished something!! And I immediately started a new scarf, for which I am just over halfway now (though the picture is still from very early into it). The Husband and I have also been slowly renovating our balcony, and this week I finally got some plants for it.

I hauled two books this week in the Audible 2-for-1 sale.

I read another book by HG Parry last year, and have since been dying to get my hands on A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians. So when it was in the sale I got it. As my second book I got Dracul, because I do generally enjoy my Dracula adaptation/inspirations and I have almost picked this one up several times. So now I finally did.

Once again I had a week with pretty much no physical reading (even for the Netgalley book I read I found myself an audiobook version). Oh well….

So why not start with said Netgalley book. I received Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson, I guess because they are republishing them? The audiobook is on Scribd though so I mainly listened to this book while looking at the illustrations. And I have to say I did enjoy it quite a bit. I feel there is way too much left unexplained regarding worldbuilding and the plot was just okay. But the narration makes up for a lot of it. I will be writing a full review of this soon.

Exactly a year after the executions of the men conspiring to blow up parliament Bristol is hit by a massive tidal wave. Our main character is released from prison to go investigate if witchcraft is at play (as well as hunt down Catholic spies). This was a great read, though very dark at times. There are some gruesome murders as well as torture and people at their worst. (Spoiler, for example the townspeople believe the Jesuits have caused the flood, and there is quite a gruesome scene where a mob enters the house of a Jesuit family and abuses and eventually kills them, including the 1 year old child). I had hoped the story would have a stronger connection to the gunpowder plot, and it was fairly obvious who was the culprit. I still had a great time with this book though and will certainly read the sequel.

I read Marvel’s volume of Reptil, which I have to say was quite sh*t. Reptil is a boy who can transform himself into any kind of dinosaur, which I guess is cool. The Logic in this book is non-existent though (he has a friend who has learned herself some magic from books, yet is extremely powerful and just throws up massive force fiels and portals?). The dialogue is cringe. The plot is meh. All of it was just a drag to get through.

And lastly I listened to Lost in the Never Woods, which (obviously) is a Peter Pan retelling. Wendy came back 5 years ago, but her brothers are still missing. And now other kids in her town start to go missing. This was pretty decent, though I had hoped it would get a bit darker (the Peter Pan story lends itself really well for some twisted stories, and adding a dark forest with a creepy tree to it could have made for something Great). I felt a bit weird with the romance, with the whole point of Peter being that he is a kid (even though he does grow up in this book). I do like the resolution of what happened to Wendy’s brothers, and the discussion of Wendy’s mental health and therapy.

I am currently listening to the sixth book in De Magische Apotheek series, which I believe is the final book(?). I also finally picked up a physical book again, and am about 80 pages into The Way of All Flesh. So far there is no mystery yet, but I am very much enjoying it. It is written by a husband and wife duo, and she has done some proper research into the history of medicine, which is very obvious from reading this. And it’s great. I have also had the first volume of America downloaded on my phone for a while now and should really just read it. So that is the plan for the coming week…

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

8 thoughts on “My first week of holiday

  1. Sounds like a productive week! I’m hoping to read Lost in the Never Woods this month as well; hopefully I’ll enjoy it as much as you did. (Though I had also thought it would be a dark story… so maybe I’ll end up enjoying it more than you did as a result… 😉 )

    Dinosaurs sounds like a good reason to pick up a comic. Pity it didn’t turn out better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you’ll have a great time with it. It deals with missing kids so it is dark in that sense, but nothing actually happens to them. Wendy is scared of the dark and the forest because thats where she and her brothers go missing, but again nothing really happens to her there. Its def an enjoyable read though.

      Its a pity indeed, but oh well. Better luck next time.


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