Even though this was my first full week at my new job, I now have the rest of the month off because the whole place will be closed. I have fallen quite behind on my studies, so I will most certainly not be bored the coming three weeks.

This week the county celebrated Memorial day and Freedom day, and The Husband and I went on the Capitulation Freedom walk yesterday in the town I went to study. We went for 16km, seeing as I haven´t been on walks for over a month now and this way The Husband would also still enjoy it.

After the walk we went to see the new Doctor Strange movie, and I have to say I really liked it. The director has managed very well to put his stamp on it, giving it a more horror feel. Overall some more interesting choices were made regarding the way music was used and things were shot, giving it a very creative feel. I also adore a certain cameo. And I think the choice of villain is very neat, because they are such an interesting character. And Cumberbatch has done a great job portraying the different versions of Strange.

I didn’t haul any new books this week, which is probably for the better. Most of the reading I did was, once again, through audiobook.

I had such high hopes for this book, but sadly DNF’ed it. I would probably have had a better time with it if I read it physically. But there were too many shift in (seemingly unrelated) narrators and perspectives, that I had completely lost the plot.

I had better luck with April in Spain. I actually had a very good time with this, although I feel it should have been maybe 50 pages longer. This is the 8th book in its series, but I was able to understand it perfectly fine without prior knowledge, though I feel you might get more satisfaction out of it if you have read the previous books. This is my second book by John Banville, and like the first I feel like this one is very enjoyable, but utterly forgetable as well.

De Magische Apotheek is a German series, translated into Dutch, and I have found myself listening to the audiobooks. They aren’t great (especially the writing isn’t working for me at all), but they are free and after this I only have one book left to complete the series.

Another book I read in Dutch is De Zevenvoudige Dood van Evelyn Hardcastle. And it was a decent read. I really liked the idea of it, but it let me down in the logic department at times. I didn’t think the main character handled the situation rationally at all, and could have solved it all a lot easier. There is a reveal regarding the identity of a certain character which was just so Obvious. Regarding the translation there were some interesting choices made (for example near the start two man call each other something like sweety instead of dear).

So that was my week. I am starting to fall quite behind on my Netgalley reads, so would like to get through some of those this week, if I can find the time somewhere. I would also like to get through some comics this week, just to take it easy a bit.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

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