And so it ends, again

In January I decided to quit my job at the zoo. And this week I worked my last day at the vaccinations. And it feels quite weird… but having a job that basically fully relies on there being a pandemic isn’t a very sustainable. I’ll be working mon-friday now… which means I’ll have weekends for the first time in over 11 years. And holidays. And a fixed income… Again, it feels quite weird.

Speaking of holidays, we celebrated Kings Day over here this week. We also went to a housewarming on Friday and saw some friends we hadn’t seen for years. I have to say though, I’m not made for leaving the house in evenings anymore. I want to have my dinner at 18, have a shower, get in my pjs and read in bed. To still have to go somewhere at 21.00 is not my idea of fun anymore.

We also got some planters for our balcony (which survived a whole of 5 minutes before Oi claimed them as his new playground), and I got a bunch of cheap yarn to learn myself some new crochet stitches and patterns. And I have to say that now I am hooked. You will see that everything I have read this week has been audiobooks… while I have been crocheting.

I started the year off with 5 unread-owned books, and my goal was to balance that around 10. But I’ve been hauling a lot of books lately, and with the books I got this week we got well over 30… Earlier this week I had a look at the Historical Dagger Award Longlist, and one of the books that made it on there was A Corruption of Blood. And it looked great! It is the third book in its series though, but I’d happily read The Way of all Flesh and The Art of Dying as well. Now it turned out, that the physical copies were cheaper than the e-books… So obviously I got the physical copies. The Husband was very happy as well, as the titles of the first two books are also a name of a Gojira album and a song on that album. I am looking forward to binging this series. Another I have been wanting to binge is The Wounded Kingdom series by RJ Barker. I have already read the first book, a few years ago, and liked it a lot more than I had expected to. It was getting increasingly harder to get the rest of the series for a reasonable price, so when I saw them for €10 each I added them to the cart. There have been some shipping issues (the second book was missing in the package) but those will be solved in the coming week. All I need then is time. I also picked up a physical copy of A Tale of Two Cities, a book that is on my Have-to-Read list this year. I know I can listen to and read this book for free at several places, but I do have several books in the Penguin English Library collection and I could add this one to it for a very reasonable price, so I did.

Witchlings was a really fun middle grade by the author of Ghost Squad. And I liked this one better. Ortega has created a wonderful town with a great back story. It is all very detailed, vivid and just great fun. And there are some wonderful messages in here as well about accepting oneself and friendship. Domestic abuse is also touched upon, and I feel was handled really well. Overall, a wonderful dose of witchy goodness.

The reviews I have seen for We Have Always Lived in the Castle weren’t all that positive, but I have to say I quite liked it. It might have helped that I listened to the audiobook though. Because yeah, not all that much happens. But it was strange and atmospheric, and I quite liked being in Merricat’s head (even though she surely isn’t quite right, and has a lot of macabre thoughts). I had expected some kind of reveal at the end and definitely missed that. But otherwise, it was a good way to spend 2,5hours.

I started the audiobook of Dactyl Hill Squad, but the narrator annoyed me way too much to continue it. Which is a shame, because 19th century dinosaurs do sound great.

This book had a lot of potential, but didn’t quite work for me. I would probably have liked it better if read physically though. I regularly missed the points where we switched POV, couldn’t keep all the names straight in my head, and the fact that the three different investigative parties all get to different conclusions doesn’t help things either. I also would have like there to be a bit more gore. Celestin did a great job of catching the atmosphere of 1919 New Orleans though. The sequel is set in Chicago, but the characters are now working together for the Pinkertons so that might improve things for me.

I am currently reading The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, but am not progressing as fast as I would have liked. Part of that is me spending all my free time on crocheting, but the fact that I am reading it in Dutch also isn’t helping. Apart from some interesting translation decisions I am having a great time with it though. On audio I am reading Crow Court. I’m not far into it at all, but am enjoying it for sure. I have quite a few Netgalley books which will be published/archived in the coming two weeks, first of those being Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians. I have loads of books which I would like to get to before the 13th (for two readathons, a buddy read, and the dagger awards longlist), which won’t be doable… so I’ll probably get overwhelmed and just listen to a bunch of audiobooks again this coming week.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

5 thoughts on “And so it ends, again

  1. Well, glad to hear you’ve got another job already lined up. And that you will get weekends again. Those are always nice!
    And I am with you on the whole “go out of the house late” thing. I’m usually in bed by 2100, so even on my days off I can’t imagine going to dinner at somebody else’s house at that time.

    As for a Tale of Two Cities, is the copy you have annotated or does it have footnotes? Those are totally worth paying money for.

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  3. These look like some fun books. I agree that audiobooks are great for listening to while crafting! And ugh, yes… I don’t like having to leave my house in the evening anymore. I can handle it if I’m coming back from something late in the day, but not if the event starts late. I want to be in my lounge clothes and slippers after dinner, not getting ready to go out.


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