Bracing for Impact…

What a week this has been. Where last week ended in a shirt on the beach, this one ends with a bladder infection in the snow. Or probable bladder infection… the doctor is still running tests and seeing as illnesses take time off in the weekend apparently I have to wait 4 days to maybe get any kind of medication (after needing to have had symptoms for about a week in the first place to even be able go see a doc). Female healthcare, gotto love it.

No time to rest and feel sorry for myself though. From next week on I’ll be working two jobs and start stuyding, so this week I spent whatever time off I had planning and sorting things out. So not much reading has been done, and I doubt much reading will be done in the rest of the month either. I also do not know how much time and/or content I will have to write posts, so I might become a bit absent whilst I figure out the new changes in my life. Sorry not sorry.

I could get the Dutch version of the fourth Percy Jackson book for free on my Kobo, so this is what I read during my lunchbreaks. And then DNF’ed at about 40%. I have stated before that Rick Riordan isn’t really my thing. This book wasn’t bad or anything, I just didn’t care about any of it. So I decided to not waste the little time I had on it.

I listened to the audiobook of Half Sick of Shadows whilst cleaning the house and doing other chores. And I got to say, I really liked it. But I couldn’t tell you why. If we had followed a random other set of 5 characters, they and their story would probably have annoyed me. But there is something about Elaine, Lancelot, Arthur, Guinevere and Morgana that just makes this work for me. I also don’t know enough about the original stories to be annoyed by any liberties taken by the author, though my interest has certainly been raised to pick up the originals. I mainly picked this book up because we look through the eyes of the Lady of Shalott, and Sebastian has done a great job with that. Whilst I feel staying true to the character, she has also given her some balls and more modern viewpoints. Elaine can see the future, which also leads for the timeline in this book to be a mess. It really worked for me, but I can imagine one might find it confusing or annoying. I had a really good time with this read though.

Content warnings for suicide

April is the month of the Magical Readathon and I have been looking forward to it so much!!! I was thinking my TBR would be too easy, but now that I will probably have no time to breath this month it looks perfect.

For those who don’t know, this readathon is a sort of D&D type idea set in a world created by G. In previous rounds we got to create our character, get a conduit to channel our magic through (I got a bow) and a legacy (which for me was is an animal familiar). This round we get to go to school and learn for our Calling (Beast Master in my case). This round I have to read 5 books, including one under 100 pages and a quick read…

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

12 thoughts on “Bracing for Impact…

  1. My goodness, sounds busy! And with Dave’s post, it sounds like you BOTH are gonna be crazy busy.
    That’s the problem with real life, always getting in the way of the fun stuff 😦

    Hope you get better soon. And drink cranberry juice…

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    1. We got All of the cranberries 😋 Doc did find blood in the samples, so she knows something is wrong. She asked if I could be having an STD, so I asked her if she was accusing Dave of cheating… so now they are doing extra tests 😇

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    1. Thanks. I finally got some antibiotics today (I was told Friday I had an STD 🙈😂 so they had to take a bit longer to test my samples…).
      Luckily the double job is only this month… but one of them is evening shifts and the other one starts at 7 in the morning, so thats fun. Dave is amazing though helping out a lot.

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