We went on holiday

I am writing this post with a slight hangover and stiff legs. The Husband and I spent our weekend in Zandvoort to 1) enjoy the lovely sunshine on the beach, and 2) for me to go on a 40km walk. This walk started on the F1 Circuit, followed by a lovely route along the beach and through the dunes. I forgot to turn my livetracking off, but by the time I did (15 min late) I was 5th of 1300. It wasn’t a race, but still feels pretty good.

I didn’t haul any new books (jeey), and most of the reading I did was through audiobooks (I did also go for a 34km walk at the start of the week…).

I was already very close to finishing The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell in last week’s post, but this week I listened to the final hour or so. This was a decent non-fiction book, which was very well researched and told well. It wasn’t quite what I had expected from it, but still interesting. At times it would probably have been a better read physically though, where the codes would have been visualised clearer.

Then I listened to the audiobook of Empire of Ivory, the fourth Temeraire book. In this one all the dragons apart from Temeraire are sick and our heroes have to travel to South-Africa to get a cure. Highlight for me was of course the mention of Plettenberg Bay, where I met The Husband. I am very excited to see what happens in the next book after decisions that were made at the end of this one.

I read the graphic novel The Forest of Time, and wrote a review for it… which you can find over here.

For A Storm of Sisters I listened to the audiobook whilst reading physically. This is the latest book in the Pinch of Magic series, and it is a great one again. It is ghostly, cold and atmospheric, and gloriously dark for a middle grade read. The sisters and their relationship are superb once again. I do have an irk though… Harrison lined things up perfectly for a pretty cool reveal, but then it doesn’t happen. I feel this might have been a decision from the publisher though. Otherwise, a great read!

More audiobooks, and this time a historical mystery: Two for Sorrow, the third book following Josephine Tey. What Upson does so well in her series is that all the characters are interesting and have their own lives outside of the plot. Also, it can get quite dark and gruesome. The mystery was pretty decent… it was fairly obvious who did it, but not the why. There are some points regarding I feel weren’t thought trough well, but otherwise I had a good time with it.

Content warning for torture and infanticide

I am currently reading The Cannonball Tree Mystery, which is the fifth book following SuLin solving murders. So far I find this one to be the weakest in the series, mainly because the mystery part of it only starts 35% into the book. We do get to spend more time learning about the setting and political situation in Japanese occupied Singapore though, which is very interesting. I am about 70% into the book now, so hope to finish it soonish.

I have no idea what my week is going to look like. I will start working evening shifts again, which I am not looking forward to. The Husband will be visiting an old school friend in Amsterdam over the weekend, which I probably won’t be able to join him for… so I’ll have the house to myself which I got to make the most of.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

4 thoughts on “We went on holiday

    1. Dave never ended up visiting his friend (South Africans are horrible remembering plans, so his friend had accidentally booked a holiday).
      Thanks 😁 I’m so close to a marathon now, it is gonna happen this year for sure!

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