Busy busy busy…

What a week that was. At the vaccinations we are well on our way to give the 70+yr olds their second booster shot. I worked at three different locations for that (one of which I had never been to, making it even more exhausting for me). I also worked at the local elections two days, which was a lot of fun. I have also been asked to help out with the Ukrainian refugees (they are staying in one of the big venues that used to host the vaccinations, and the vaccination employees are asked to help out with all-round tasks), but it is quite a drive for me and I just don’t have the time. Now that the vaccinations are coming to an end we are in the process of finding me a new job though, for which I am waiting on some replies still.

The Husband and I also celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! And we celebrated the best way we can… by going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. And per usual, we ate too much. It was so nice though. Today we went to visit my parents to help them set up their trailer tent (to take pictures for its sale).

I also tried to participate in two readathons, but it will come to no surprise that I was less successful with that. I have almost completed my reads for Magical Readathon though (and seeing as I am writing this on Saturday I am confident I can still finish it ‘in time’). I was also planning to join in with the Readathon that is part of The Final Book Support Group… though one of my Magical Readathon books also works for that.

I did quite the book haul this week… oeps. For our wedding anniversary The Husband gifted me Under the Whispering Door 😀 I’ve heard some mixed things about this book, but I figure if I keep in mind that it won’t be as good as The House in the Cerulean Sea I should at least be okay. From Netgalley I picked up The Forest of Time, which is a 56 paged graphic novel. It looked cute and fun… I got the e-book for The Cannonball Tree Mystery, because apparently I am binging the series. I am having a great time with it so I am just going with it. I returned the audiobook of Raybearer, so I had a leftover Audible credit… for which I picked up Spirits of Vengeance. I kinda want to get the physical copies of this series because the covers are Amazing. The audiobook are great as well though…. And lastly my pre-order of the paperback edition of Julia and the Shark came in. I’ve seen glimpses of the beautiful illustrations inside so knew I had to ge a physical copy of it.

I finished the audiobook of Black Powder War. I am really enjoying this series, even though (or maybe because) not all that much happens. It is a very character driven story, with a good dose of politics. And the characters are just great. So I like to just put this book on ‘in the background’ and let it meander on its way while I do other things. This is a book about war though, so we do get some battles. Which are great as well (but grab my attention less…).

I’m not sure if I mentioned it here, but I am participating in Pondathon. And the side quest for this month was to read books by disabled authors or about disabled characters. So I re-listened to It’s Not What It Looks Like which is written and narrated by the blind Molly Burke. Molly and I would never be friends… but her story is ‘eye-opening’ for sure. An important listen and with only 3hours at 1xspeed not too much time to ask at all. Highly recommend.

On my e-reader I can get free books (and audiobooks on the phone app), which I rarely use because most of those are in Dutch (which I don’t particularly like reading in). Stephen Hawking’s Brief Answers to the Big Questions was in the selection though so I picked it up. I really loved how Hawking answered these questions, not dumbed down but also easy to understand, without disregarding the beliefs of others. And like the best non-fiction books I read, I found myself talking about it to The Husband. Many of these concepts are so vast and almost scifi that I at times failed to wrap my head around it (then again, I generally struggle to understand things I cannot see).

Embassy of the Dead is a really fun middlegrade series, and Destiny Calling I believe it’s final book (though it does have a bit of a cliffhanger ending). This book introduces quite a big and important fact, quite out of the blue. But the way it is then handled is great, especially with the twist near the end. I have a weak for ghostly stories, so I am sad this series seems to have come to its end (though after two years it has only gotten 11 ratings on Goodreads, I guess the author has better things to do than continue this series nobody really reads…).

I am currently reading The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell, an audiobook in which I have about an hour left. It isn’t quite what I expected from it, but I am still enjoying it very much. At times I feel it would have been better as a physical copy, to visualise the codes better. But I do prefer my non-fiction as audiobook and it is explained well enough. I am planning to go on a long walk tomorrow so I can start my next audiobook then which will be Empire of Ivory, the fourth Temeraire book. Physically I will be picking up A Storm of Sisters, a book I had hoped to fit in this week already for Final Book Support Group. The slight delay won’t make this book any less enjoyable though!

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

7 thoughts on “Busy busy busy…

    1. The tent is amazing, but too much work to set up for a holiday shorter than 2 weeks.
      It was a kinda like tapas, but not necessarily Spanish. They had a nice mix of kitchens and just normal food like burgers, but also fancier stuff with foams and mouses and grilled lettuce. Dave had all the meat stuff, but they also had more than enough veggie dishes for me. We love the place 🥰

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