I read a Lot this week…

This week wasn’t very eventful, which is fine. Next week is going to be busy enough. We have started another round of boosters at work for 70+yr olds, and all the guests have been So Nice. It isn’t crazy busy like it was with the first boosters, but enough to keep us busy.

The Husband and I continued our balcony renovation which is getting together nicely. We also watched The Adam Project, which was fun (we rarely watch stuff). It is definitely spring over here now, and it was lovely to get some sunshine on my 30km walk. And I have been doing some crocheting. I am working on a little fox, and my genre-blanket is starting to shape up nicely as well.

I finished A Comb of Wishes, which is a darker mermaid story, filled with Carribean folklore about being careful what you wish for, love and loss. Kela’s grief for the loss of her mother is felt throughout the story, the setting of St. Rita and the island life is perfectly written and immersive, and the darker atmosphere with the vengeful mermaid is so good. I downloaded this from Scribd on a whim, and it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.

Btw, I listened to a lot of audiobooks this week… Takers Mad is based on a true crime in 1890s New York when Jack the Ripper was rumoured to be back. The mystery was fine and I liked the solution of it, but the narration of it really didn’t work for me. We follow Flora, a pulp-fiction writer and I can’t say I liked her. What I liked even less was her heavy accent. I just found it very annoying, and English not being my first language I struggled to always understand what was being said. Apart from the accent the narrator made very little effort in distinguishing different characters and felt inconsistent at times.

The Curse of the House of Foskett is another historical mystery book, this one set in 1882 London. It is clearly based on Sherlock Holmes, but in this our main detective is kind of an asshole (for example, he deduces his client is a bachelor because ‘who would marry you?’). The banter that results from this is brilliant and this was such a fun read. A lot of people die in this book, and some of the murders are quite gruesome, making this a deliciously dark read at times.

Content warning for animal cruelty

It had been a while since I picked up some Marvel comics (even though one of my reading goals this year to be more consistent with it), so I finally did this week. I am very excited for the Moon Knight series coming out soon, so I finished up the series I was reading. We go back to the more paranormal, short story style of the first volume which I definitely prefer. I do feel we missed some context regarding the overarching plot at times, but that isn’t a rare thing regarding Marvel comics. Having finished one series, I started another one: The Mighty Thor. And this was so good!! The story feels very big, yet I never got lost in it. We also have a nice balance between the powerful Thor and the very sick Jane. I do have a weak for the human story of superheroes, so this one was right up my ally. And Loki is of course brilliant as well. The series is nice and long (but not overwhelmingly so), so I am one very happy girl.

Back to the audiobooks! Woman at the Devil’s Door is a non-fiction book about Mary Pearcey and her crime which lead to the rumours that Jack the Ripper might be a woman. We follow the whole case from the finding of the body, throughout the investigation, trial and eventually the execution. But we also get lots of backstory to the people involved, as well as how the epilepsy Pearcey suffered from was viewed at the time. This was a very interesting and well-researched book, and very easy to listen to.

Content warning for child death

I also started the audiobook of Raybearer, but after about 2hrs decided to DNF it. This book has a lot of very good reviews, but it just wasn’t for me. The way Love is talked about and treated in this story just made me feel very uncomfortable. There are also some time-jumps and I felt a lot of the interesting stuff happened off page. So I went through some of the reviews, and when I read mixed things about how well the ace-rep was handled I decided to just not continue with this.

I received Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments from Netgalley, on the day it was published. So Scribd already had the audiobook of it and I decided to listen to it whilst reading the e-book. I have already written a full review on this, which you can find over here.

I am currently listening to Black Powder War, the third book in the Temeraire series. I am very much enjoying the series, even though it is quite slow. It is just very nice to put on and listen to the great characters meandering around whilst doing other things. I have less than an hour left so will probably finish it while making dinner tonight. On my Kobo I picked up an omnibus of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, and I am rereading the first book. I am reading it in Dutch, which I am not used to but it was free so I’m not complaining.

Next week I’ll be working at the local elections as well as at the vaccinations, The Husband and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, and there are two readathons I would like to participate in. So busy busy busy 😀

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

6 thoughts on “I read a Lot this week…

    1. Each genre corresponds to a colour (like fantasy is green, scifi yellow), and for each book I crochet a row.
      All corona measures get lifted here this week, though most were already. Although we feel lockdown itself hasn’t affected us too much, we do try to do stuff again now.


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