My 2022 Reading Plans…

It is a new year so time for new reading goals. I did really well last year, with pretty much all of my goals completed. For this year, I don´t really know what I want to do yet. So I guess I´ll make things up as I write this…

  • Read 72 Books… seeing as I have read 215 books last year and 220 in 2020, this goal should be easily achievable. But who knows what the year will bring.
  • Keep my owned-TBR around 10 books. It currently sits around 8 books. Ten books seems like a manageable number to keep my initial enthusiasm for a book, but also allow some space for mood reading.
  • Use Marvel Unlimited more regularly. Although I did read 26 volumes on this app, I did so in binging bursts. I would read a bunch in certain months, and then not open it up again for months. The individual issues take only about 15min to read though, so I would like to make an effort to reach for them more often (instead of constantly refreshing social media when bored).
  • Catch up/Finish more series than I start. I am currently busy with 64 series… which is quite a lot and I would like that number to at least not increase.
  • Finish up all the Middle Grade series I am currently reading. Linking back to my previous goal… As most middle grade reads are quick, fun and easy to get through, this should at least give me a good set up to not let the 64 increase. And this should also work as another initiative to pick these books up when I don’t know what to do with myself.
  • Read 12 books from priority series: Last year I finished up two long term reading projects by completing two of the biggest series I was reading. There are 3 other long series that have been begging for my attention for a good while now so I would like to make some progress with them. I won’t be setting myself any goals per series, but if I can get through 12 books from these 3 series combined I’ll be happy. Oh, and those series are The Dresden Files, The Chronicles of St Mary and Temeraire.
  • Read at least 30% by authors whose nationality isn’t English or American. Last year I read by authors of 31 different countries, and I have to say I loved experiencing a whole host of different cultures (especially when food was mentioned). So I would like to at least meet those numbers again this year.
  • Read 10 non-fiction books. Again, this is the number I read last year and I would like to meet that number again this year.
  • Priority books: Once again I would like to pick up the 10 books that have been on my want-to-read list the longest, the 10 books on that list that have the highest rating, and 10 books that I really Want to read but just don’t seem to be picking up.

And I think that’s it…. 9 goals sounds like more than enough. But I have to say I am very excited for all of them.

Hoping your 2022 will be Awesome!!!

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