Middle Grade on Monday: what I read in week 4 of Believathon

November is Believathon!!! This is a wonderful readathon hosted by Gavin, and revolves all around reading middle grade. Sadly this is the last year he is hosting it, so I plan to make the absolute most of it. I do love myself some good middle grade and have loads I would like to get to. Gavin has created 30 prompt cards for the readathon which you are supposed to draw randomly from. I have decided to not make a set TBR but draw prompts as I go. And seeing as I hope to be reading loads, I have decided on posting weekly wrap-ups instead of one big monthly one. So lets start the final one…

Secrets of the Stars is the second book in the Ship of Shadows series in which we follow a crew of female pirates as they travel the world on a magical ship looking for pieces of a treasure map. Do I need to say more? It is filled with adventure, but also a lot of little moments and character development. The ship itself changes depending on the rumours that are told about it, and each room is more magical than the other. And then there are the places our characters visit, which just ooze with atmosphere. And anything could happen to these characters, Maria doesn’t shy away from shocking us readers. Highly recommend picking up the series.

Moving on to a very quick DNF. I had a great time with the first book in the series, but had some massive problems with the second one. So I didn’t really feel like picking up this third one (the fact that it is over 650 pages long also doesn’t help). But I am trying to finish/catch up with some series and seeing as there was a prompt to read a book that may surprise me (and it was on Scribd so basically free), I decided to give it a go. I don’t think I even finished the first chapter. Ravishing, bare-chested boys that want their fiancée to call them Master have no place in my reading… especially if it is supposed to be a kids book.

Another last in its series, and also dealing with fairy tales… but doing it so much better! In The Council of Mirrors we see the Sisters Grimm in their final battle/war against (also like the book above) The Master. It really is a great ending and I really like how our two main characters have developed into what they are now. We do lose quite a few people along the way, including some major characters who seemed to finally get their happy ever afters. I’m sad this series is finished, because I had a wonderful time with it. But I am very happy with the way it did finish. So if you are looking for some quick, fun reads filled with fairy tale characters (and waaaay more than the usual suspects) and two awesome sisters, please give this series a try!

And seeing as today is the final Monday of the month, that was it for my Believathon wrap-ups. I might still squeeze in a book, but I will just include that in my December wrap-up. I am very happy with my reading this month. I picked up 15 books, finished 6 series and caught up with another 2, and apart from a few stinkers, I had a great time!

Hoping you are having a wonderful day,

2 thoughts on “Middle Grade on Monday: what I read in week 4 of Believathon

  1. That is great that this worked out so well for you.
    and if someone else picks it up next year and you do it again, I really do like this weekly format rather than one ginormous one at the end of the month.
    Even though most of what you read doesn’t interest me greatly, having a little more space for each book helps me at least glance through your mini-reviews instead of just the glazed eye at 15 reviews in a row 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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