Goodbye June – Hello July

And that was June. And it was great month for me. Work got quite busy, and a lot of the restictions got lifted by the end of the month as well. At some point I found myself working 10 days in a row (which was a bit hectic… but did result in a lovely salary). Also The Husband got his first vaccine!

June was also my birthday month, the celebration of which we spread out over three days. The parents took us to a museum on father’s day. On the Monday I made us a massive jug of Sangria (as well as some very strong strawberry daiquiris) and some amazing Italian take-away. And then on the Tuesday (my actual bday) we drove to the south of the country to spend the night at a castle. We went for two long walks, which were rainy and cold but I still had a great time! And we finished a 4-day walking event with them so we got to wear some medals :p

And I also got quite some reading done! I picked up 13 books, with a total of 4644 pages. Two books were rather short, so the other 11 books were 400 pages on average which I am quite impressed with.


2 Star

3 Star

I didn’t have the best succes with my Pratchett reads this month. Although The Thief of Time and The Last Hero were enjoyable reads, they were far from my favourites. Although I loved the illustrations in The Last Hero!

The Ghost Tree is a book I picked up purely based on the author… and it was fine. The atmosphere in it was great, but I got annoyed with the teenagers (like I often do), it was a tad to predictable for me and the ending was such an anticlimax. My full review of it can be read over here.

The Unwanted Dead is set in Paris just as the Nazi are starting their occupation there, and yet another book I picked up because it made the CWA Dagger Awards shortlist. We follow a police officer as he investigates the gassing of four refuge Jews. I was kind of hesitant about this at first… in the grand scheme of what was happening at the time this case seems kind of insignificant. But detective Eddie doesn’t care about the Germands in that he will not let them stop him from doing his job, which is to find the killer. Which I found very resectable of him and got me quite excited. I was very happy to get into a murder mystery where WW2 would only serve as background atmosphere. Sadly (for me) the whole case ended up having impact on the whole of the War and even Hitler himself made an appearance. I also didn’t really like following Eddie. He spends a lot of his time getting beaten up, or playing bodyguard to some stripper/singer. All in all it was a good book, but just not for me. Though I have to say the discussion of PTSD and its effect on a family were a very nice addition to the book.

4 Star

As I have become used to from Anthony Horowitz, Magpie Murders is a good mystery done a bit different. The book starts of with the manuscript of a murder mystery as read by an editor. We are actually reading this manuscript which is well over 200 pages long, and has a very strong Agatha Christie feel to it. And I loved it. However, the last chapter of the manuscript is missing, and the author has died! So in the second half of the book we follow the editor trying to find the final chapter and looking into the mysterious suicide of the author. Both mysteries are intriguing and clever, and all of it just sucked me in so I flew through this book even though it was over 500 pages long.

A Fiancée’s Guide to First Wives and Murder is the fourth book in Freeman’s murder mystery novels set in the high society of Victorian England. And it was a lot of fun. The main character has such a great voice, and her cunning and wit make it a great pleasure to follow her as she solves the murder of the woman who claims to be her fiancé’s wife. I wrote a full review on this, so please give that a look.

Silence in the Library is fairly similar in that we follow a young widow in high society Regency London as she solves crimes and gets involved in the murder case of a family friend. In this she is aided by best friend of her late-husband, Captain Jack. I love their friendship so much! Although I forsee them becoming more later on in the series (which I would also be very happy with) I would absolutely fine with them staying the amazing friends they are at the moment. What I appreciate in this series, as well as in Freeman’s series, is that the police detective is very capable and actually works together with the widow. I will be writing a full review of this book very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I finally picked up the second volume of the current Spider-Woman series! Our beloved hero is not quite herself and in this volume she gets to take it out on her friends. Pacheco really loves Jessica as much as we do and it shines through. She really does our girl justice, and the art is just phenomenal as well. And it is so nice to see a strong female (adult) friendship!!! I am loving this series.

So that was June! No 5 star reads again but still enough books I enjoyed myself with. So what about July? Well, I have got a bit of a crazy plan… Europe is in the middle of its soccer competition, the Olympics are around the corner, the Tour the France has just started as well as Wimbledon. So I have decided to make each book I read this book by an author from a different country. I first thought this would be quite tricky, but over the last month I have managed to compile quite the list of books I can pick up!

Hoping you are doing well,

4 thoughts on “Goodbye June – Hello July

  1. Glad the month went as well as it did overall.

    Sorry to hear you had to dnf a book, but man, after reading what you said, it’s no wonder. That’s just so wrong.

    That is quite the collection to choose from so I hope you can read some that really tickle your fancy. Best of luck for July.

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    1. Yeah, the priest got what he deserved. But still, there was No need to put us in his head and show us what he did to the boy. I really don’t want to listen to that.
      There are 8 of those that I actually own, the rest I can pick up for free through audible or scribd. So I will just see whatever I will be in the mood for. I thought it might be tricky to find books for this so I started the collection back in May already… I needn’t have worried.

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