Review Target: Kree – Stuart Moore

The Avengers clash with the Guardians of the Galaxy in a desperate search for a planet-killer, in this action-packed novel set in the world of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol game

Following the destruction of their world, a group of Kree refugees come to Earth to work for Stark Enterprises. But the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive soon after, believing that the world-killer is actually one of those Kree, now hiding out on Earth. But there are others after the killer too, and the Avengers have no choice but to respond – and both Tony Stark and Ms Marvel have to choose between the fate of the Earth and the people they care about.

I do enjoy my Marvel comics from time to time, and I had a great time with the Elsa Bloodstone novel. So when I saw this book on Netgalley of course I requested it.

I am finding this one quite difficult to review. Because I did have a fun time with it. But did I bother to stay up past my bedtime to read the final 20 pages? No… And part of that is definitely my preference for solo hero stories instead of these massive group projects. But objectively looking, there were also some errors with it.

First of I did very much enjoy the first part. Here we follow the Guardians trying to evacuate and save a Kree planet. Especially Drax was very well written, but in general the atmosphere here was great. But then it just went downhill and turned into 400 pages of just battles scenes. And most of them unnecessary.

This book just made no sense. So over 30% of it is several heroes fighting against one another, even though they have a common goal and if only they could just be bothered to TALK to each other we could save ourselves a Lot of time and pain. Then there is the hole WHY? Why any of it… There is a great evil master that destroyed the Kree planet because…. why? Then he bothered to hijack their rehabilitation project to make sure they were exploited because… why? At to that a bunch of plotholes you could fly a spaceship through.

The writing itself wasn’t great either. Apart from Drax all of the characters felt very flat and the dialogues awkward. There were Way too many characters. Sure, I know you want a big, epic hero mashup… but that one chapter where Black Panther looks at a computer screen, was that really necessary? Then there was the weird instalovey things of Kamala with a Kree guy she only meets that day. I know she is a teen but still?! Like I said I prefer solo hero stories, mainly because they give us more time to explore the character and the person behind the mask. I am not sure if this book had a single chapter in which no one was fighting. I needed a bit more than that.

So objectively speaking this book wasn’t good. Was it fun though? Sure! Was it what I would expect it to be? Yeah. The Avengers movies are also mainly just a series of fight scenes, and I enjoy those (though preferebly with a alcoholic beverage, and the charm the actors give to the characters may help as well). So yeah, if you are in the mood for a superhero book that is just dumb fun and has no substance? Read this…

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