Reading Resolutions Update

We are already a quarter into the year, so I decided to check on how I am doing with my reading resolutions.

  • Read 72 books… I have read 68 books so far. I’m okay.
  • Finish/Catch up with more series than I start I have started 15 new series. I have also finished up 7, and caught up with 11, and DNF’ed 1. So far, so good. Though I did almost exclusively read sequels in March, and I have got quite a few series to start in my ‘want-to-read’ list resolution. But I should be okay.
  • Complete the Discworld series… I made a schedule for this and so far have easily kept to it. So I am confidend I can do this, especially now that there are some new to me reads coming up.
  • Reread the Mistborn books… This is something I will be doing in the second half of the year, so no update yet.
  • Read 30 books of my Want-to-Read list… more specifically, the 10 that have been on there the longest, the 10 that are rated the highest, and 10 that I have been wanting to read the most yet never end up picking up. I have read 11 of these, and had to take of another one because it is impossible to get my hands on anymore. So I am almost halfway already!
  • Get and keep my Netgalley Feedback Ratio at 80%… I got it to 82%, and then March happened (which will also be seen in the next point). I did go a bit crazy with my requests, and got almost everything. But I am at 78% now, so it is not too dramatic.
  • Keep my owned-TBR ‘balanced’… which meant around 30. I ended February with 27 books, and then I hauled about 22 in March. At the moment it stands at 37. Again, not too dramatic. But it shouldn’t happen every month…

  • This year I have also started using a spreadsheet to log all kinds of stuff, including where I got the books from. In this Bought are the books I bought myself this year, and Owned are the ones I bought in previous years. And it kinda makes me happy to see that although I have already read 68 so far this year, not even a fifth of those are books I actually spent money on (apart from the subscription costs of Audible & Scribd).

    Everything I have read has been in English. Three of my ‘Want-to-Read’ lists books I was planning to read in Dutch, but I cannot find my copies of them anymore so I am assuming they have been donated already, so I will probably be reading them in English after all. A big reason for the fact that I don’t really read any Dutch books is that they are Expansive. They can easily be double the price of the same book in English. This is because here we have the ‘wet op de vaste boekenprijs’, meaning that book prices have been set by law. This mean that the price of a book has been fixed by law. A book will cost the same wherever you buy it (bookshop, online, supermarket…), and it helps publishers to also bring out books that might be less profitable and lets bookshops have a wider range. It also means that they won’t go on sale and deals cannot apply to them till after a year of their publication (but the publisher has to decide on this).

    Almost a third of the books I have picked up contained LGTBQ+ rep, and almost 8% of the books had a LGTBQ+ main character. For someone who actively avoids romance in her books, I feel this is a decent number.

    Although I have read books from others of 14 different nationalities, over half of my books were from US authors. I have also logged 47% of my books as written by male authors, which is fine. But… all the Marvel comics have been logged as multiple authors, whilst they are almost all written by exclusively men as well. And less than 10% of my books were written by POC authors.

    These stats aren’t anything I will actively be basing my reading choices on… but something I would like to keep in my mind. I don’t want to read less by white American men, but maybe be more on the lookout for other authors. At least I would like to pick something up by a Dutch author.

    I am very happy with how my reading has been so far this year though. I have become more comfortable with DNF’ing books, have read across 13 different genres, and 40% of my books have been 4* reads. I am confident I can meet my reading resolutions whilst also having a great time.

    Hoping you are well,

    8 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions Update

    1. Sounds like some great reading progress this year! I like the idea of quarterly check-ins to see how you’re doing on my goals. I know without looking, though, that I am doing dismally on my “read translated books” goal…

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        1. It’s one of the things I thought might help me read more books by non-US and non-UK authors. But so far I haven’t done a good job at that. I still have hopes, though! I picked up a book of sci-fi short stories translated from Chinese, so I’m hoping to read that soon.

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