Things we ate (#Vegan)…

The food pic album on my phone started to fill up again, so here I am again… sharing them with you. Enjoy (or not…).

In the second week of March we celebrate ‘The Week Without Meat’. I say celebrate because all the vegetarian and vegan stuff in the supermarket goes on massive discount (also restaurants often have a special menu for it, but they aren’t open this time round). So we stocked up and tried stuff that we usually find too expansive.

They also released a Lot of new vegan products, so even more things we wanted to try out. Yes, I gained quite a bit of weight this lockdown…

On V-day The Husband and I decided to try and make sushi. And for a first attempt, I think we did Great. We made some with sriracha-mayo/cucumber/king oyster mushrooms, some with hoisin-mushrooms/cucumber, and some with chili-cream cheese/avo/cucumber…. and then some where we threw all the left-overs in…

So, those were some of the things we ate in the last 2-ish months. I have started a new job this month in which I regularly have to do evening shifts, so there will a decent amount of meal-prepable meals coming up next time. Whenever that is.

Hoping you are well,

9 thoughts on “Things we ate (#Vegan)…

  1. Yum! Looks like some great options. Usually when I go meatless it’s with a tofu or bean dish, I haven’t had much luck so far with the “fake meat” options I’ve tried. Oh well, there are still more options to test out! But you’re right, some of them are really pricy.

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    1. Thanks 😊 yeah when going for the ‘fake meat’ we usually go with mince or so cause there would be so much sauce it doesn’t really matter how it tastes. And we usually have a lot of burgers because even tho not ‘real’, a black bean burger can still taste great. Most of the other stuff is way too expansive though, and I don’t even have to feed a family 🙈


      1. That makes sense! I tried “fake meat” breakfast sausages the other day, and they were… not good. I think a mince or something in a spaghetti “meat” sauce would work much better. Also, the burgers make sense! Veggie burgers have been around a while, too, so there’s been lots of time to work on their flavor blend.

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