Review Death Among the Nightingales (Carlyle & West #4) – David Field

Has the Ripper returned to haunt London…?

London, 1895

Matthew and Adelaide West are now happily married with a one-year-old daughter. But Adelaide has always sought after a profession outside of the home. And when infamous nurse, Florence Nightingale, offers her a job, she cannot refuse.

A Fenian bomb has blasted through the Officers’ Mess inside the Waterloo Barracks at the Tower of London, and Adelaide and the ‘Nightingale Nurses’ are sent to care for them in the Tower Ward. But before long, some of the nurses are brutally attacked. And rumours start to spread that Jack the Ripper has returned. With Adelaide at risk, Matthew and Carlyle begin their own investigations within the Tower walls.

Can they find the killer before more nurses fall victim to his crimes? Or will there be more deaths among the Nightingales…?

It always makes me quite sad when I series I like comes to an end. This is the fourth and last Carlyle & West Victorian Mystery, so this review may contain minor spoilers. Feel free to check out my reviews for Interviewing the Dead, Death Comes but Twice and Confronting the Invisible. I received almost all of these books through Netgalley, for which I am ever so grateful.

This book starts off with a bang, literally. Adelaide, Matthew and Dr Carlyle all find themselves caring for the victims of a Fenian bomb in in the Tower of London and are per usual asked by Jennings for help to find the culprit… Especially when the Nightingale Nurses caring on the ward start being killed in alleys and rumours are spreading that the Ripper is back. Happy times, as we see Carlyle showing of his deduction skills, Matthew’s way with people and Adelaide’s feisty manners are back as well! What makes this series so strong are the characters, their different personalities that perfectly complement each other.

The mystery itself was fine. Although interesting, it was fairly obvious who had done it. Then again, in a book only 200 pages long one doesn’t want something overly complicated. The author does, per usual, have a good grasp on the time period though, making both the setting but also the motive very believable.

This is a great series with some amazing characters and some a bit more unusual mysteries. If you are even remotely interested in (Victorian) historical mysteries, I would highly recommend giving these ones a try – especially since they come very cheaply on Kindle.

6 thoughts on “Review Death Among the Nightingales (Carlyle & West #4) – David Field

    1. Haha, thanks. Some series are great to end, when it is one big ongoing story line it can be very satisfying to end. But series like this, where the plots are almost separate I just want to keep going 🙈 Luckily this author has plenty of other books I can pick up (for like 99cent on kindle)

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