Goodbye January – Hello February

I want to slow down and read less, she said… And here we are, 25 books (6162 pages) later. Oops? These do include a bunch of comics, and 4 DNF’s. This month has been a very mixed bag, with some new favourites, but also some 1- and 2* reads.

So that was January, what about February. Well, it starts of with Polarthon (for which you can find my TBR over here). And after that? I have no idea. As I am writing this we are still waiting to hear is lockdown is going to be extended, or if we can go back to work again next week. I will continue the Alex Verus series, as well as my Discworld reread, and might pick up another Witcher book as well. Apart from that, I will just pick up whatever I feel like.

Hoping you are doing well,

6 thoughts on “Goodbye January – Hello February

  1. Totally understand why you’d DNF the Conductors. I was tempted to do the same too, but managed to stick with it because of the mystery (although it wasn’t that strong). I do wish the characters were fleshed out more and we had more worldbuilding and better pacing.

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    1. Exactly! I did really want to like it, but found myself not caring. I found the MC annoying, there was too much gossip and baby talk, the magic system wasn’t explained, apart from the interludes I didn’t feel the time, the pacing was too slow, and after the 250 pages I read hardly any effort had been put in the solving of the mysteries…. I could forgive all things by themselves, but all together just became too much for me.

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      1. When I tried out MU (I did a sample month free a couple years ago) it was during a busy time, so I didn’t get to really enjoy it. Your timing seems a lot better! I should maybe look into it again now that I’m home a lot more.

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