Marveling at Marvel – Some mini-reviews

Yes, I stole that title from The Husband… Since this year we are using Marvel Unlimited, mainly for me to figure out which characters I like (and which I don’t). And I have to say I am really enjoying myself. So here is what I have picked up so far…

Silk by Robbie Thompson is a series I had already started over three years ago and got about halfway in, but never felt invested enough to buy the rest of the volumes. And having read it all now, I am glad I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, they were fine. But only fine… I very much enjoyed parts of it, especially regarding her family and I appreciated the big role Cindy’s therapist plays in these comics. It all basically is her talking to her therapist about what happened.

I thought the art style was okay. I really liked some panels, others not so much. Overall, it didn’t bother me but didn’t blow me away either. The story took a really silly turn in the second volume which I didn’t really care for. The third volume is a tie-in and I did really enjoy that part and will certainly read from the other series in this event. In both issues I had major issues with the pacing though. Maybe because it is all Cindy talking to her therapist we race through certain moments at Breakneck speed and it never gave me a chance to really appreciate any of it. I do like Cindy as a character and will be interested to see her in other series/team-ups.

Thor by Jason Aaron is the first Marvel series that caught my eye back in 2014… and now I finally picked it up. And I Really liked it. Thor Odinson has been deemed unworthy to use his hammer, but a new Thor enters the scene. This series is only 8 issues long, at the end of which the identity of this new Thor is revealed to us readers. I think it has been widely spoiled by now who this new Thor is, but I do still really like it and can imagine how Awesome it would have been to find out when reading this as it came out.

This series has some proper Girl Power, which I can see some people might not appreciate, but I love it! (I mean, I will love anything Spider-woman appears in…). Our new Thor may not have an impressive sixpack, but she definitely kicks ass. I love the art style in this series! Every panel is pretty, no ugly faces or anything weird. The plot is interesting, and sets up a lot of events I would love to see develop in other series.

I am not sure how this one came onto my radar, because I haven’t seen the Deadpool movies (I know, blasphemy) and hadn’t heard of this character before. But it had been on my TBR for a while, and when I heard it is also a decent introduction to Shang-Chi I decided to pick it up… and then DNF’ed it. I can’t say I really cared for Domino as a character, and even less for her friends (who were basically just tits and ass).

The art style was okay. Especially in action sequences it was great, in other places it was just fine. But when it came to the villains, it was just ugly. It really bothered me that the heroes were all supermodels, and the villains kinda looked like monkeys. The flashbacks to Domino’s traumatic past were interesting enough (raised in a facility as a ‘lab rat’, trained to become a weapon), but nothing new. The villains motivation, as much as I read from it, was also interesting enough (your ‘hero’ actions lead to the death of an innocent loved one), but also done in basically every other hero series. None of it was enough to really keep me going… and then Shang-chi entered the scene. And the first thing Domino says to him goes along the line of: “I’m in a relationship but will make an exception for you. Wait, don’t put a shirt on!” At which point I decided to fck this shit, I’ve got an almost unlimited supply of comics on this app, I am not going to waste my time on this one.

I was origianally planning to pick up the She-Hulk comics next, but after the previous disappointment I wanted to read about some characters I already knew (more specifically, Spider-Woman). So I picked up the 2004 New Avengers series by Brian Michael Bendis. The series starts with a massive jail break, in which 46 supervillains escape… so the Avengers need to be brought together again to stop them.

The art is great in some moments, in others… not for me. I feel it is showing it is a bit of an older comic at times, especially with the constant objectification of Spider-Woman… although she definitely is a valuable asset to the team as a Shield agent and she kicks a lot of ass. I very much prefer her newer costumes though. This one is just painted on… fabric doesn’t behave like that (I heard someone describe it as boob socks the other day, and yes, that is a perfect description). Same with Captain Marvel’s costume… I prefer the later ones (also, I saw a drawing of her newest one and it looks Amazing!!). The plot is overall just a lot of action (although what was done with The Sentry and incorporating older comics was done very cleverly). I do like the new set up of the team, but it still has to grow on me. Spiderman brings some much needed humour to it all though, which is great. If you are more familiar with everything else that is going on in this world you will probably enjoy these comics a whole lot, but for a semi-newbie like me they still work well enough on their own. The next volume will deal with Civil War, so that should be exciting.

So those are the Marvel comics I have picked up this month. I am still planning to pick up the She-Hulk issues soonish, and watching WandaVision makes me want to read theirs as well (though at the same time I don’t want get too confused if the story lines are too different). I am very much enjoying myself with all these though!

Hoping you are doing well,

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