What I ate (#Vegan)

The filmrol on my phone has started to fill up with food pictures again, so I figured it was time to do one of these posts again. So here are some things The Husband and I ate in the last few weeks.

I am still madly in love with my Speedy Bosh cookbook. In my last what I ate I already showed off a lot of the things I made from it. Here is some more… (with worse lighting because winter…)

Through Netgalley I got a cookbook for review, so I made a few things from that as well.

Since the last post we of course had the festive season (and lockdown). So we treated ourselves a few times with comfort food and takeaway…

So, those are some of the things we ate… things might have to get a bit more simple in the coming weeks (seeing as we have been sat at home for two months now and are getting no financial compensation. We are fine, but seeing as I wouldn’t be surprised if lockdown gets extended again I would like to be a bit more sparingly with our money so that we have at least some savings left at the end of all this). Simple can still be Very tasty though!!!

Hoping you are well,

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