Polarthon TBR

In the first week of February Polarthon is taking place… a readathon primarily about Polar Fantasy. Seeing as we are still in lockdown by then, I am joining in!

This time around there will be four different teams to read for, and I have already chosen mine…

I will be joining in with team Walrus, mainly because Gavin (who hosts Believathon) is the team captain :p

There are five prompts, and you can double up, but only for two prompts per book. So you have to read at least 3 books. I have set up my TBR in such a way that I can cover all with 3 books, and then have 2 extra.

The prompts are:

  • Cold Waters – a book with an aquatic setting
  • Dive in – an anticipated read
  • Dark Cover
  • Arctic Setting
  • Polar Fantasy

For which I will be reading:

There is a Lot of Middle Grade on my TBR, so I am confident I could read all of these. I am also extremely excited for them all, and for a week full of coziness.

Hoping you are well,

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