What I ate… (#Vegan)

So… this has been a while. The last ‘What I ate’ post was just before I went into two months of eating at work so I was planning to do a meal prep version. And then I didn’t. And now it is 4 months later and I have got all these pictures of food I don’t know quite anymore what it is. Oops.

Eating out/Take-away

Back in July The Husband and I celebrated our 8 years being together by going out… I took him to ‘all you can eat ribs’. Yeah, not very vegan. Cheap though. And they did have some great vegan alternatives, such as this pasta bolognese I had. Nothing fancy, just good food. Also nothing fancy… Burger King introduced a vegan burger over here so I had to try it. And it was pretty decent. The patty itself was good, the rest a bit underwhelming but oh well.

This company (Vegan Masters) keeps showing up on my FB so I decided to just give it a go and order some of their things. I was mainly interested in the sushi. And they were great. Veggie sushi is often fine but not too exciting… these used sweet potato tempura, vegan salmon and tuna, vegan cream cheese, sweetened tofu. I also ordered their burger kit (so you still have to make it yourself) which turned out amazing. A very good patty, some good quality lettuce and tomato, a pickle in a bag, jalapeno-mayo, onion compote and cheddar (and I added avocado because it needed to be eaten). It was massive, I got sauce all over my face, and it was delicious.


So yeah, I like burgers. They’re just easy and comforting. We also made some sweet stuffs. My parents moved recently and got rid of a bunch of stuff, including this ‘poffertjes pan’. Basically it makes tiny pancakes you traditionally eat with butter and icing sugar. I also made Stoute Brownies, stout meaning naughty. But yes, it does also contain quite a bit of stout beer. So good! And we made speculaas cookies (but couldn’t be bothered to make proper shapes from it), traditional for this time of year over here.

And lastly, a big heap of nachos which was definitely a winner. Our supermarket has been expanding its vegan assortment a lot, and we found some cheese sauce (which was really good). So I threw it on some nachos with a spicy beef mixture, refried beans, creme-fraiche, avo, jalapeno, red onion and cherry tomatoes.

I made an effort

So after two months of 70hr work weeks last summer The Husband and I had a minor fck up with our work schedule again and had No off days together for the whole month. So I surprised him one evening with a bit fancier dinner than usual. Starting off with a celariac soup, followed up with a parsnip-truffel risotto and ending with baked apple with custard (which turned out a bit too stiff because I couldn’t be bothered to measure things out). We were Very full after all that.

I also made a puff pastry ‘pie’ with sweet potato and beetroot, with a ‘mascarpone’ muhamara base which was gorgeous. I also made a katsu curry with crumbed eggplant which I still fantasize about. It was So Good! I followed the recipe from Wagamama, so would certainly looking that up. And then it was Halloween. We always just put down a snack platter for that, and this time we decided to try some more of the new vegan stuff (including garlic butter, a herby goat’s cheese, meat balls and boneless wings). We added to that various olives, veggie sticks, garlic mushrooms, dolmas and I made a caramelized onion-carrot dip as well as an artichoke-kale one.

Taking it easy

Noodles are a definite favourite around here. Usually we make them with hoisin sauce, but this time we got a sweet-and-sour sauce on discount. Other dishes often made are gardener’s pie and pasta (in this case creamy mushroom). Or we go fairly Dutch with Potatoes-Vegetables-‘Meat’… such as ovenbaked potato with beans and snitzel. Or potato mashed up creamy with andive and meatballs. BTW, the meatballs from Ikea are Amazing!! Something I will always made when I don’t know what to cook is a spiced lentil mixture with mushrooms, courgette and whatever veg needs eating, served with either (green) pancakes or wraps, and hummus. Really easy, and really yummy. And lastly, a recipe The Husband picked out: ready made pizza dough filled with tomato mince, and a side salad. It was Very good.

I got a new CookBook!!!!

It is no secret that I love the gents from Bosh, and they brought out a new cookbook: Speedy Bosh (and yes I got a signed copy). So I have been cooking a bunch of stuff from that.

So those are some things I ate in the last few months. It might be a while again till I do another one of these, mainly because with it now being dark at dinner time it is a bit tricky to take decent pictures. On the other hand, I did just got approved for a vegan cookbook on Netgalley, so who knows…

Hoping you are well,

5 thoughts on “What I ate… (#Vegan)

  1. 70 hr weeks? oy vey! and here I was complaining about a mere 45, hahahahaa! Man, no wonder Dave was looking forward to a lockdown.

    Was the Burger King burger the impossible burger? That brand has gotten really popular over here. Mrs B had one when we visited a restaurant and we had to double check that it wasn’t an actual meat burger. She’s also bought a 2pack of the “Beyond Burger” for homecooking and when I cooked them up, I couldn’t tell that they weren’t turkey burgers. If it wasn’t for the price, I’d probably start getting them regularly.

    Anyway, hope things settle down for you guys….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, it was a bit much (I did burst into tears at some point when the boss’ boss said ‘hey, how are you?’, which at least got me an extra day off), but at least I got to fatten my savings account quite a bit. But we really needed this lockdown to get a breather.

      We got the Impossible burger in the supermarket last year or so… but Fck they’re expansive. These were made with burgers from a big Dutch company, still tasted great tho.

      Thanks 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    2. We are doing well. A lot more chilled out than the first lock down. I believe it is the Impossible burger from BKing. When we do take out a=or eat out I normally go for something meaty as I am not totally vegan nor vegetarian yet, not sure I will be able to go full on V. I do eat a lot less meat than I used to though, which is a start…

      Liked by 2 people

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