Review Lady Mechanika, Vol 6: Sangre

Lady Mechanika journeys to Spain to protect a local Barón’s son from an alleged demonic entity, but were the young man’s injuries actually caused by supernatural forces, or by illicit experiments conducted by his own father? What sinister secret is the Barón trying to hide, and could it somehow be entangled with Lady Mechanika’s past? A dark tale that explores the devastating power of love…and hate.

I read the first volume of Lady Mechanika somewhere last year, and quite enjoyed it, but never quite felt inclined to continue it. And then The Husband made me aware of this sixth volume being available on Netgalley and I decided to just give the series another go. Because, if I could just look past the massive tits and lack of clothes… I should love this series. And I did. I absolutely binged it within two days. And yes I was still somewhat bothered by the fact that all women in here are skinny, big boobed, have amazing legs and wear barely any clothes. But they are also kick-ass, awesome, and aren’t actually sexualized in the story itself (one guy states ‘she is asking for it, being dressed like that’, and gets his ass handed to him for it). And the stories are Amazing.

In this volume Lady Mechanika travels to Spain, where a baroness asked her to hunt a demon who possessed her son. The story draws inspiration from Mexican folklore, as well as vampires. It is bloody. It doesn’t take the easy way out. It makes you feel and understand the ‘bad guy’. It shows Lady Mechanika reflect and question her past actions, and actually change her ways.

The artwork in this, as in the other volumes, is superb. It is still missing some of the extra steampunk flourishes and decorations I adored in the previous volumes, but the main art is there and I think it’s great.

Content warnings for gore, child death, homophobia and ‘treatment’.

This volume was just great. It would be an okay point to start the series, but at the same time it also connects a lot of the previous volumes, reflects on them, and gives us some answers to who and what Lady Mechanika really is. One of my favourites for sure.

6 thoughts on “Review Lady Mechanika, Vol 6: Sangre

    1. I found the second still okay, but from the third one on I really thought the plots were great. Especially The Day of the Dead special took an ‘Oh Fck’ turn, and most of the stories don’t really have a ‘right’ solution, and Lady Mechanika’s actions do get questioned.


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