Middle Grade on Monday: The Republic of Birds – Jessica Miller

Olga loves the stories of the old cartographers and pores over their ancient books and maps, trying to unlock their secrets. Sometimes, she can even feel through the maps—almost see into them — as if by magic.

When the bird army kidnaps Olga’s sister, Mira, Olga knows that only she can venture into the Republic of Birds to rescue her. But first, she must unlock her magical ability.

As her journey takes her into the hidden world of the Iagas and the wilds of the Unmappable Blank, Olga discovers the truth about the war with the birds—and learns just how much is at stake in her quest to save her sister.

This book has everything: a Gorgeous cover, interesting politics, magical folklore and a snowy expedition.

Olga’s father has made a ‘promotion’ for which they have to leave the city… where it is cold, every meal is made of mushrooms, there are yaga’s and (!!) birds. Her father makes it his mission to find the Firebirds egg to help the Tsarina win the war in the skies and lets them come home again. But then the birds kidnap Olga’s sister.

Olga is a very good protagonist. She isn’t perfect, but grows so much throughout the story. She has to learn to believe in herself in order to save her sister. She is passionate about cartography (even though girls shouldn’t like that stuff) and her magical powers linking to that are just superb.

The writing is excellent and so atmospheric. You could feel the could, see the houses on chicken legs, and vividly imagine the excitement when Olga touched her maps.

Overall, a magical adventure story about self discovery, and a perfect read for a cold day.

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