September Book Haul

With me trying to get my owned-tbr down to 10 by the end of the year I am trying to not get too many new books. But with these, I just couldn’t help myself…


I wanted something light and silly so I decided to continue The Vinyl Detective series and listened to books 2 and 3. I also received third Leo Stanhope book from Netgalley a few months ago, so figured I should read the first one…


So Audible plust became a thing… and The Husband is loving it. I also picked up some things myself. Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason, because Sherlock Holmes (and George Mann). We also listened to the second Dispatcher book, and I decided to give Murder on the Orient Elite a go as well (it was only an hour long). I also downloaded Dracula seeing as The Husband and I want to buddyread it in October. I also had some credits to spend, so I picked up Ghost Talkers (loved it) and Retribution Falls (DNF’ed and returned it).


Foundling has been on my Want-to-Read list for a Long time, and made it to my ‘really need to read in 2020’ resolution. It seems like a great October read, so I got it. Just flicking through it is looks amazing (and it has like 100 pages worth of appendices, I have some high expectations for this world).

So those are the books I picked up in September. I did preorder quite a few though, so October’s haul might be fairly big. Sorry not Sorry…

8 thoughts on “September Book Haul

  1. re: Murder on the Orient Elite

    Have you read Correia’s Grimnoir trilogy? This is a sequel of sorts and won’t make much sense if you’re not already familiar with the characters.

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