Things I Ate… (#Vegan)

I like food. I try to eat vegan as much as possible (especially at home). Here are some of the things I ate.

Comfort food is always nice… We had some really nice spaghetti bolognese, as well as pasta with ‘meat’ balls. Asperger soup with ciabatta and vegan aioli, oven fries with salad and ‘frikandellen’, schnitzel with mushroom sauce, and a ‘crispy chicken’ with caramelized onion and self cut ‘rustic’ fries.

So those are some of the things we ate in the last 2 months. I will be eating at work a lot in the coming month… so the next post in this series is not coming anytime soon, or it is going to be a mealprep version. We shall see what I feel like.

Hoping you are well,

11 thoughts on “Things I Ate… (#Vegan)

    1. Thanks 😁
      You just get buns, sausages and sauce all wrapped together, and have to prep and assemble it yourself. So basically making hotdogs at home, but now they already portioned everything out and put everything in one packet.


  1. Glad that Subway worked out. With franchises you can never tell if you like the actual product in general or if it is just the franchise doing something really well.

    And those are some tasty looking pictures!

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