Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’ve Read the Most By

It is another week, another Top Ten Tuesday… with this week authors I’ve read the most by… so basically authors who have brought out long series. I used Goodreads for this (though annoyingly they got rid of the ‘most read authors’ feature so it was a bit of a hassle), so these are only the authors I’ve read the most by since 2012. I know there are authors I’ve read more by before then, but looking that up is effort. As always, don’t forget to drop by at That Artsy Reader Girl, who does a wonderful job hosting this.

  • Rick Riordan 8
  • Eoin Colfer 8
  • JK Rowling 8/9 (depending on how we count Cursed Child)
  • Jasper Fforde 9
  • Agatha Christie 9
  • Arthur Conan Doyle 9
  • Ben Aaronovitch 11
  • Michael J Sullivan 21
  • Brandon Sanderson 28
  • Terry Pratchett 41

No surprises there really… apart from the massive amount of books Terry Pratchett created (I still own another 10 unread books by him, and then there are still so many more). Of none of these authors I have read all of their books either.

Also, although this list obviously includes some favourites, there are plenty of authors who I like better but have just written less/smaller series. Rick Riordan for example really is far from a favourite.

Hoping you are doing well,

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’ve Read the Most By

      1. True… I read my first over 15 years ago (Maurice and Wee Free Men. I wasn’t 10 yet). My dad proudly stated in our wedding speach he is very happy he started me of on Discworld with his old Dutch copies from the 60s. They still have a nice place on my shelves.


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