Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons why I love Middle Grade

It is another week, another Top Ten Tuesday… with this week reasons why I love… middle grade (obviously, May is for Middle Grade). I know I have missed a few of these TTT posts. I am taking things easy this month. Deal with it. As always, don’t forget to drop by at That Artsy Reader Girl, who does a wonderful job hosting this.

I am just going to leave this video here, because Gavin is just the Queen of Middle Grade…

Why I love middle grade…

  1. They have all of the best covers. Seriously, it is not fair how beautiful these books are.

2. No romance!! Nor extreme violence/gore just for the sake of itIt is no secret that I don’t like romance in my books. And in middle grade you don’t have to deal with that. Two characters can just be friends (and they really do have some of the best friendships in middle grade) without us ever having to worry that they will ruin it with some stupid angsty romance. And yes there is violence and gore in middle grade, but it always has a purpose and isn’t just there to ‘be adult’.

3. The Most Magical Worlds… Hogwarts, Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, 100 Acre Wood, Middle Earth, Oz…

4. Unapologetic fun… Everything is possible. Characters can be named September, Boy, Corriander and Thyme. You can have a shop where you gets books ‘assigned’ to you by a mermonkey. Or a dragon that is the child of a library. Or glasses that suck out your imagination. Or a place where every island is a different hour. Or a house that walks around. Or a hotel room that changes itself to the mood and tastes of its inhabitant. And all of it is framed in such a way that it makes perfect sense.

5. It deals with important topics in an easy and open way. Things like grief, friendship, family, identity, war, love, what is right are dealt with so well in middle grade books. Better than in many adult book. And most don’t do it in a moralistic, in your face way. But at the same time they don’t polish it up either. No metaphors or anything. In your face, raw emotion.

winnie the pooh

6. They make me feel all the feels… To be honest, I cry very very easily. I am no longer allowed to watch Disney movies, because they make me cry. And middle grade really seems to have a talent for it as well (as well as make me excited and happy).

7. Nostalgia… is there anything as comforting as rereading Harry Potter (or another childhood favourite)?

8. Easy reads… most middle grade works great as palet cleansers because they don’t require too much brain power, are written very accessible and are just made to be fun and quick reads. But they aren’t trash (like a guilty pleasure palet cleanser), they actually are really good books.

9. They are for everyone… there is so much out there! (Almost) every genre, theme and topic you might like to read about is covered. And they are written to be able to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what age. It doesn’t exclude anyone.

10. The authors are all so nice!! I am not too active on the social media, but of what I see on Twitter, middle grade authors are just wonderful people. They are really open, and communicative with their fans. And they are so nice!!! The responses I have received from them to my reviews and pictures just makes my day. But not just to me, in general they seem very grateful to any reader who takes time to pick up their books.

So those are 10 reasons for why I love middle grade.

Hoping you are well,


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