Top Ten Tuesday – Last books I gave up on

It is another week, another Top Ten Tuesday… with this week the last 10 books I gave up on (for now). Yes, I am moving things around a bit, because I can. As always, don’t forget to drop by at That Artsy Reader Girl, who does a wonderful job hosting this.

I am dividing this up in three categories (though one of them is ever so small). First up, books I DNF’ed. I am still interested in most of these, just read them at the wrong time or in the wrong format.

The Boy on the Bridge I picked up on audio at the end of last year, and I just couldn’t focus on it. This is also the case with Saint’s Blood. I will definitely give these two another try. I tried the audio drama of Locke & Key in preparation for the Netflix series (which we still haven’t watched further than episode 2), but it was just really confusing and really didn’t work well as audio. Once I win the lottery I will invest in the graphic novel series. Sourcery was a reread for me, and what made me ‘fail’ my Discworld reread last year. I am not a fan of the wizards, and after trying it again early this year and still not being in the mood for it I decided to just move on in my reread of the series. North! Or Be Eaten is a book I got via Netgalley. The first book was just okay for me, but by then I had already requested this one. I got maybe 10% into it and really wasn’t interested in continuing it at all.

metro 2033

Second category: Books taken of my owned-tbr list. I picked up the audiobook of Metro 2033 because The Husband liked the books. But for some reason I never felt that inclined to actually listen to it. The Husband did a reread of the series recently, and wasn’t too positive about it. I feel that without his love for the game, I will really not have the best time with it, so for now I have given up on it.

And thirdly: series I have decided I will not continue. I got the first book in The Ragnarok Era in a free bundle ages ago. I did read it earlier this year (with the help of the audiobook). I actually picked up the first omnibus of the series so I do have the second and third book, but I didn’t enjoy the first book nearly enough to actually listen to those. I read the first book in the Lightbringer series and had some issues with it. I do have the second book though, which The Husband read recently. He told me enough about it to know that my issues from the first are still present and are even more prominent in the second book and I just cannot be bothered to continue this series of bricks if I probably won’t enjoy them. Earlier this year I reread The Bone Season, and picked up the second book. Although enjoying these books 5 years ago, I really don’t care for them anymore now and won’t be continuing the series. Lastly, I read Spellslinger in August last year, and was quite underwhelmed. It did make it to my series to continue list though. But I have felt absolutely no urge to pick up the second book since then and don’t think I will, so the other day I crossed it of the list.

Two Sebastien de Castell books/series on this list… maybe this author isn’t for me.

So those are the last 10 books/series I gave up on. Seeing as this list goes back 5 months, I don’t think that is bad at all.

Hoping you are doing well,


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Last books I gave up on

  1. That’s not bad at all! But I agree about the feelings behind that last section. If you have the books for a series, but don’t have any desire to pick them up, it is probably time to re-evaluate whether or not you’re still interested in the series.

    And about the Sebastien de Castell books — sometimes it can be really helpful to find out which authors just don’t work for you. I’ve had to do that with a popular author or two.

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    1. It is a shame about de Castell, I thought his greatcoat series might fill a gap left by finishing the Riyria books. But nope. It is good to know he isn’t for me though.

      I should only get books in a series after reading the first one… but sometimes I’m a sucker for a bargain 😋 and in case of the Ragnarok books, why use a credit for 1 book while you can use that same credit for 3 books as well?


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