Holiday TBR

Tuesday I will be flying to the sunny South Africa. The Husband has been there already for the last two weeks, and I’ll be joining him for the rest of the month. I have planned in a few posts, but in general I’ll be absent for the rest of the month.

Although our schedule is quite packed with visits to family and friends, I do hope to squeeze in some reading time. My owned TBR has dwindled, and most of the books I do still have are on my phone. However, my phone is ready for the trash (it has refused to charge for the last 5 months and I basically have a landline now) so I don’t want to rely on those books. Luckily I still have a Kobo so I will be bringing that. I currently have two books on it, and another 2 preorders coming in whilst I’m there. But let’s start by showing you my only physical unread book which I saved specifically for this trip.


I read Skyward on my holiday in July and it really was the perfect holiday book. So, with a loooot of effort, I haven’t picked up its sequel Starsight yet so I can read it on this trip. I’m so excited for it!!!!

The two Kobo books I currently have are Heroes Wanted and Poison CityHeroes wanted is an anthology I picked up for free. It includes a story by Michael J Sullivan, which is the sole reason I am interested in it. I am not going to put too much pressure on myself for reading the others, but maybe I’ll discover some great new to me authors.

Poison City is on my list of 30 books I really want to read this year. It is an urban fantasy, and gives me some Rivers of London vibes. Apart from that the main guy works for the South African Police. What better time to read it than whilst I am in South Africa. Also, it was 99cents.

Speaking of Rivers of London… I preordered False Value!!! I cannot wait to start reading this book. This one is really high on my most anticipated books of the year list. My other preorder is the sequel to Spectacle, namely SensationalThese books aren’t anything too special, but at least the first one was very entertaining. And I adore the setting so I am very excited for it. I’ll probably be reading this one on the plane (seeing as I have an overnight flight but already know I won’t be sleeping).

So those are my reading plans for this trip. I might pick up some books while I am there. I usually come home with a suitcase full of just books, but seeing as we are a bit tight for money at the moment we are going to try and limit our book buying. Will see if I can stay strong…

Hoping you are having a wonderful day, and month…

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