Review The Harvest Man (Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad #4) – Alex Grecian

the harvest manSpring 1890.

The spectre of Jack the Ripper still haunts Inspector Walter Day, his injured leg a daily reminder of his violent brush with London’s most feared killer. He alone is convinced that the Ripper remains at large.

But, worse is to come for Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad. A new killer is terrorizing the citizens of London. They call him the Harvest Man; he hides away in the attics of the unsuspecting, emerging at night to terrorize his victims.

This macabre new threat requires Inspector Day to confront his demons, but he soon discovers that the Ripper himself continues to toy with Scotland Yard’s finest. The game has only just begun . . .

This review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Feel free to check out my reviews for those over here:

  1. The Yard
  2. The Black Country
  3. The Devil’s Workshop

I feel that after the brilliant chaos of book 3, this was always going to be a disappointment. So considering that, this was a great read. If anything it was a bit too simple. That ending though… wow.

That is not to say this book is for the faint of heart. It has got the tense situations we have grown to love from this series, and is certainly not lacking in gore and violence either.

Our main bad guy in this story is the Harvest Man, an escaped prisoner who is looking for his parents by taking ‘the masks’ of semi random couples. And by that I mean he cuts up and rearranges their faces. Like I said, gore and violence. We get chapters from the point of view of this guy, but also of his victims. This really highlights how mentally unstable and creepy this villain is. I would have somehow liked to learn more of his background though. Why is he looking for his parents, why does he hide in attics? He has certain well established habits and I would have liked to know where they originated from.

Not only do we have this creepy villain, Jack also enters the scene. As do Mr and Mrs Day, Hammersmith (even though he isn’t a sergeant anymore, he is still very present), Tiffany, Fiona, Dr Kingsley and Henry. So all the greats really. Jeey. They all get some good page time and space to be well-rounded characters.

Overall, yet another solid historical crime thriller and a great addition to the series.


6 thoughts on “Review The Harvest Man (Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad #4) – Alex Grecian

  1. Man, this is sounding better and better. Is there an over-arching plot for the series or is each book solidly a standalone? I’d be more tempted to add this to my tbr if they were more standalone’ish…

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    1. 1 and 2 can easily be read on their own. 3 is somewhat connected to book 1 (same villain but can be read on its own), but then it does go on in 4 (and im assuming 5 from the way 4 ended). But you can easily read the first (two) to have a satisfying ending.

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