Currently Reading

We are well over halfway through September already, and The Husband and I ‘just’ came back from holiday. We have both gotten quite some reading done, though in my case it doesn’t really seem like it. That is mostly because I am binging 3 series.

something rotten

My main focus this month is on the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. I am currently about a hundred pages into the fourth book. I had already read books 1-3, but reread them earlier this month. I am very much enjoying it, though I do have to say it is very much all over the place and a lot is going on, whilst very little progress is made plot wise. It is funny though, and it is weird. The humour is a bit reminiscent of Terry Pratchett, so if you like him you might like this series as well.

the death of dulgath

On audio I am working my way through the Riyria Chronicles by Michael J. Sullivan. I am currently about halfway through the third book: The Death of Dulgath. I very much enjoy reading this series, and to see all the connections to his other series. And of course I adore Royce and Hadrian. Very happy I am finally picking these up.


On the car rides on our holiday The Husband and I have been listening to The Murderbot Diaries. We are now somewhere in the third book, Rogue Protocol. We aren’t the biggest fan of the narrator though, which is a shame. I read the first book physically last year, which I liked a lot more for sure. Scribd only had the audiobooks though, so I think I will finish the series that way anyway.

the zeppelin deception

And lastly I am currently reading The Zeppelin Deception by Colleen Gleason, the last book in the Stoker and Holmes series. This came out last month, and I just want to read it so bad. But at the same time I don’t want this series to end, so I am taking my time with it. It is good though so far.

So those are the books I am currently reading. I hope to finish all these series before the end of the month, so next month I can just focus on Halloween reads. I am very excited for that as well. Though this month is definitely not bad either, all my reads so far have gotten a 4* rating.

Hoping you are having a lovely day,


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