August Book Haul

August was the month in which some preorders came out (though only one has come in yet so far), a bunch of sales, and where I decided to treat myself. Enjoy,

Usually I start with all my Scribd downloads. This month I will only show you two of them though, seeing as this post is long enough already. Most of my downloads were from audiobooks I did already own a physical copy of. These two I don’t own though.

These are two concluding novels to middle-grade series I very much enjoy and have been meaning to read for a while. Now I finally did.

I am finally working my way through the Lady Trent Memoirsso on a trip to Amsterdam I decided to pick book three up in Waterstones. There I also finally saw the copy of Oathbringer that would kinda match the rest of my collection (they changed the colour of the spine, why??!!), so I picked that one up as well.


Then The Husband saw this one in a bookshop for fairly cheap, and decided to buy it for me (Thank you!!!). I have read the first two books in the Anno Dracula series, and this is book four. I have seen book 3 on Scribd though, so I am all set for October!

When The Husband got me that book he got himself books 2-5 in the Witcher series. The shop sadly didn’t have book 1, so I decided to order it for him. That’s when I found out the only store we usually order from had an awesome sale going on, in which when you spend over 35 euro on English books, you would get 10 euro off from said order. So I apart from The Last Wish is also ordered the following books (in two orders, to get maximum discount…).

Five books for 50 euro really isn’t bad, especially considering there are two graphic novels in there.


I am very happy to finally have The Zeppelin Deception in my hands, but at the same time I am sad to be finishing up this series. It is one I have reread many times and it is one of my favourites.


And lastly the two audible originals I picked up. This month the choice was quite difficult. None of them really pulled me in, yet all of them seemed kinda interesting. But I decided to go for these two.

Hoping you are having a Lovely day,


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