Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Tropes

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday… with this week favourite tropes. I actually had a very hard time thinking these up, but eventualy I got to 10… As always, don’t forget to drop by at That Artsy Reader Girl, who does a wonderful job hosting this.

  1. Unreliable protagonist – one particular book comes to mind that blew my socks off. But that would be spoilers
  2. Mystical animal companion – what is better than animal companions? Mystical animal companions…
  3. Wise elder – there are so many of these. Yet I almost always like them.
  4. Dragons – no explanation needed
  5. Faux-medieval setting – basically most epic fantasy
  6. Butler did it – actually, how many stories do you know where the butler actually did it?
  7. Action-sequence banter  – perfectly mastered by Marvel
  8. Psycho killer – yeah, I have quite a weak for these. Give me some gory, messed up crime scenes. Preferably related to Jack the Ripper…
  9. Steampunk Victorian London – This is basically all I read
  10. Surprise Ally – not yet hate to love, but that idea. Because I hate love, but friendships are cool.

So those are some tropes I actually like in books. What are yours?

Hoping you are having a lovely day,


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Tropes

    1. Been reading some of the lady trent books this month, so dragons was one of the first things that came to mind😋
      I read a very good book a few years ago in which by the end it turns out the narrator is actually the bad guy and it blew my mind. I should have seen it coming but I just didn’t. So noe I love an unreliable narrator.


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