Some Things I Ate in the Last Two Months… #Vegan

In my January favourites I mentioned I would do a separate post on food related favourites. So here is that post. One of my most popular posts of 2018 is the one in which I discussed I was going to try go semi-vegan. Semi because I work in a restaurant that doesn’t offer vegan food (apart from fries…) and unexpected overtime happens. Also, going out for dinner is impossible in my town when vegan. And I don’t want to ask my friends and family to cook vegan for me. In all of those cases, I eat vegetarian.

I have a weak for ‘What I ate in a day’ posts and videos, so I am doing my own version of that over here. Here are some things I ate in the last two months. Most of the pictures aren’t great, sorry not sorry… Over here it is winter at the moment and so dark by dinner time.

Starting off, I love Indian food. Last year I got myself an amazing cookbook called Fresh India by Meera Sodha, which has 130 vegetarian recipes. Almost all of these are very easy to make vegan though (if they aren’t already). From this I made Dosas with coconut potatoes, a pumpkin black-eyed bean curry, dahl, and mushroom samosas. And all of it was so so so good. I highly recommend picking up this book if you are into Indian food. The recipes are very simple, and absolutely delicious (also for meat eaters…).

There are three youtube channels I adore when it comes to vegan food. Firstly Hot For Food, which mainly makes comfort food – such as these cauliflower wings. Her recipes are often more on the complicated and expansive side, but damn they are good. Also good though is the stuff made by Cheap Lazy Vegan. She makes mainly asian inspired meals, which are cheap and easy. The Husband and I loved her recipe for Udon noodles with creamy cauliflower sauce, oyster mushrooms and smoked tofu. And thirdly there is Bosh which sits somewhere between those channels, and focus more on healthy, daily meals. Some of my favourite meals I got from them. Their Pasta with kale balls were very yum. Also great, their videos are very short. They are coming to the Netherlands next month, and sadly I cannot go… I’ve got their new cookbook coming in the post in April though, jeey.

I said at the start that going out for dinner as a vegan is impossible in the town I live in. Lunch is coming up though, with some new places opening up and others changing their menu for the new year… such as the yummy meatless magic burger, flatbread with baba ganoush and roasted veggies (the baked broad beans were amazing), and courgette carpaccio with a fresh herb dressing and seed mix (they do make it vegan by leaving away the cheese, but they mixed up my order and I wasn’t going to sent it back because I don’t like to waste food. But the idea was there).

Whenever I have lunch at home or at work (which is most of the time) I have bread. Often with peanut butter or a vegan version of nutella, because it is cheap. Sometimes I like to spurge though, such as on this vegan bahpau (a steamed bun filled with fake beef), or something like humus or baba ganoush.


Breakfast is always soy-yoghurt with fruit and muesli… but on Valentine’s Day I made us croissants (some of which I filled with the nutella variation). It was a great day.

And then there are the days where I don’t follow a recipe and just try something… such as pasta-pesto, Mexican roasted veggies, noodles with a peanut sauce, grilled veggies with kale-pesto-pearl couscous and fake fish sticks, or polenta with mushrooms in a red wine sauce (I found out polenta isn’t really my thing though).


Lastly I want to shout-out to The Husband, for making this amazing mustard soup. I was bedridden that day, and although he hardly ever cooks, he did put together dinner for us and it was perfect. Thank you liefie Xx

So there you go, some things I ate so far this year. Do you have any recommendations for me of recipes I should try out, books to look into or people to follow?

Hoping you are having a lovely day,

5 thoughts on “Some Things I Ate in the Last Two Months… #Vegan

  1. Glad to hear you’re still doing the vegan thing. So many people think it is a great idea and then just flame out after a month or three. While I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, anything that promotes people being more aware of what they are eating is a good thing.

    Hope 2019 is a good food year 🙂

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