December Book Haul

December was a great month for me book wise: I got 11 new books, and didn’t pay for any of them!! For someone who doesn’t really celebrate Christmas (The Husband and I worked all of the festive period), that’s pretty decent.

Our family does celebrate Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition similar to Christmas), and The Husband got me two amazing books (I might have picked them out myself…). Storm by Sarah Driver, book three in The Huntress trilogy, and The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown, the second book in the Wild Robot series. I really loved the first books in both of these series, and will be continuing them soon soon.


And then The Husband surprised me one evening after a very long day at work with this: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. Did I mention yet that he is Amazing? I love my Sanderson, he knows. When he saw it in the bookshop he just couldn’t leave it there, he said. And I am so so so happy.

unnatural history

Unnatural History by Jonathan Green had been on my Want-to-Read list for ages, and when it fitted perfectly for a reading challenge (read a book with a dino on the cover…) I decided to pick it up… only to find out I could get it for free on my Kobo. So obviously I got it. I also read it, and wrote a review on it.


In December I got an idea for a project I want to do in February, for which I went through my Want-to-Read list so I could get an idea how much the ebooks of these various books would cost me… and Into the Heart of the Talis was for free on my Kobo as well, so I immediately picked it up. I read the first book in this series and loved it, and am very excited to pick up this prequel next month.


I mentioned I love my Sanderson right? Well, guess what, he wrote a novella for Magic the Gathering, which you can pick up for free. So if you want, head over here to get your copy of Children of the Nameless.

Those of you who read my book hauls more often might know that I always include my Audible Original picks as well. This month I got Zero G by Dan Wells, and Christmas Eve 1914 by Charles Olivier. I have already listened to the latter and really enjoyed it. I really like that we get to pick these audible originals every month, it makes me read/listen to things I wouldn’t usually give a try.

The Christmas Hirelings

Another freebie we got last month is The Christmas Hirelings by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I haven’t picked this one up yet, I guess it will have to wait for next year.


Another unexpectedly free book I immediatly had to pick up was A Rare Book of Cunning Device by Ben Aaronovitch, book 6.5 in the Peter Grant series. I will be listening to this one next month as well, before picking up Lies Sleeping in March. I just love this series so much, I want to continue it as soon as possible but also don’t want to catch up with it.


I spent my Audible credit on Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch. I listened to the first book in the Gentleman Bastard series and immediately had to pick up the second one. I have almost finished it by now.

Those are the new books I acquired. Did you get any exciting reads?

Hoping you are having a lovely day,


22 thoughts on “December Book Haul

    1. Hahaha, I read the first book bout 5 years ago but didnt like it as much as I thought it would. (Big) part of this was prob cause I read it on my pc, which then crashed halfway through so I had to start all over again bout 3 months later when I could get my hands on a physical copy. Since then I lent it to a friend of mine, who needs me to read the 2nd and 3rd book so he can as well 😋

      I had heard lots of great things bout the audiobooks am and very happy i decided to pick them up.

      I do hope he continues writing the rest of the series soon tho!!!

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  1. Wow, such a shower of books, I’m almost envious! 😀 I need to catch up with Peter Grant series, somehow Foxglove Summer put me off enough that I never came back to it. But I heard the series gets better afterwards, so maybe it’s worth another try.

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    1. I always give my family books for Sinterklaas, but rarely receive any cause they are scared I’ll have it already. The husband took me to a bookshop this year, made me pick up a bunch of books of which he then picked 2 to give me 😋


      1. That makes sense! I keep an Amazon wishlist of “eventually I’ll buy these” books just so that my family can gift me books without worrying that I’ll already own them. I tend to just make sure to shop somewhere my family already goes, and then include a gift receipt. Books make great gifts!

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