Currently Reading

We are well into May and I am in the middle of several books… What happened to reading one at the time? I have got two buddyreads on the go, as well as a book for myself and a graphic novel.

Jonathan Strange

The first buddyread I am doing is for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. This is a book which has been on my TBR for a long time, but I was always put off by its size and rumours about its slow writing style. I am listening to this on audio and am about halfway in. I am actually really liking it. The story is indeed slow, but I like it. I can fully understand if one doesn’t though. It feels like I am reading a good classic. Very glad this buddyread helped me finally picking it up.

journey to the centre of the earth

The second buddyread I am doing is with my husband: Journey to the Centre of the Earth. This is our third Jules Verne book, and like the others, I am enjoying it a lot. It is slow, but so easy to read. Again, very happy we decided to pick this one up.

all new wolverine 2

Observant readers may have noticed that every month I post a comic book/graphic novel review. So far these have all been from books I read back in December (to get my overall book count of the year up to 100…), but this month I have run out of those. Time to read some new comics! I have firstly picked up the second volume of one of my favourite heroins: All-New Wolverine: Civil War II. I only read the first issue in this so far, so not much has happened yet (though I did get introduced to squirrel girl 🙂 ). I will be finishing this up shortly though.

sky song

Lastly is a book I have barely started: Sky Song. I know very little about this one, apart from that it is a middle-grade and the cover is GORGEOUS. Abi Elphinstone is the author who wrote The Dreamsnatcher, another middlegrade story which I have only heard good things about. I cannot wait to fully dive into Sky Song!

So those are the books I am busy with. What are you reading at the moment?

Hoping you are having a lovely day,

7 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. I adored Jonathan Strange! I have to admit that the details over time became fuzzy but I think it is brilliant. The first mate also loved it. And the book sky song has a great title and cover. Can’t wait to hear what ye think.
    x The Captain

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  2. The Sky Song cover is beautiful! I couldn’t get into Jonathan Strange myself, but I tried to read the hardback copy way back when. It was too big and heavy and I just didn’t want to deal with it. Maybe the audio version would be something I’d enjoy, though. Food for thought…


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