Review Murder in Mesopotamia – Agatha Christie

murder in mesopotamiaNurse Amy Leatheran had a most unusual patient. Louise, according to her husband, celebrated archaeologist Dr. Leif Ericsson, suffered from ‘nervous terror.’ Her fantasies were vivid and horrifying: a disembodied hand, a yellow, dead face pressed against the window. Who or what did she fear?

At the site of a dig in the Iraqi desert, surely she was safe from danger. Most of the expedition were old colleagues and friends. Yet they seemed an unnaturally formal group – there was tension, uneasiness even, in the air. Something very sinister was going on and it involved…murder.

This is my fourth book by Agatha Christie, and will certainly not be my last seeing as once again, I loved it.

This book is set in Iraq, in the middle of nowhere at an archeological site. And Agatha does again many of the things that make her stories so good. She creates an amazing atmosphere… if her story is set in the middle of the desert, in a snow storm or stranded on an island, the reader is always transported to the scene and forgets the world around him. Agatha creates a diverse set of interesting and unique characters. In this story she does an exceptionally good job with the main character, nurse Leatheran, who serves as the connection between the reader and the cast of suspects. In order to do this well, she should be likeable and relatable… and she is. It is so easy to connect to her, it is easy to imagine oneself in her place. Lastly, Agatha has just a wonderful way with words that pull you in and don’t let you put down the book for a second.

What was slightly less in this story for me was the mystery. It was very clear from very early on who was gonna commit the crime. The why and how stayed a mystery for a bit longer, but the who was incredibly obvious. I kind of missed the sheer brilliancy Agatha showed in Murder on the Orient Express and And then there were none.

I still really enjoyed this read and cannot wait to pick up another book by this amazing author.


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