Collections – Discworld Collector’s Library

I read something this morning which Made my day 😀

We’re excited to announce that the Discworld Collector’s Library will continue!

By popular demand, this collection of beautiful but affordable hardback editions, currently available up to Jingo, will now expand to include all the adult Discworld novels. The first four new additions – The Last Continent, Carpe Jugulum, The Fifth Elephant and The Truth – are coming to a shelf near you in time for Hogswatch.

Click here to see the beautiful covers for these four books.

These editions of the Discworld books are developed by Gollancz in consultation with Sir Terry Pratchett. The Amazing covers are designed by Joe McLaren. So far the books up to Jingo have been published as these beautiful hardbacks. On the question if the series will continue after Jingo the following was said (Aug, 2014):

We don’t know. We do not control rights in any of the Discworld books after Jingo; they are published by Transworld. At the moment, we know of no firm plans on their part to continue the Collector’s Library

But now we do know 😀

There are currently 22 books out in the Discworld Collector’s Library (including Good Omens), of which I own 17 (but I will bring a change in that soon). I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off the books I do already drool over (like I did earlier with Penguin English Library).

These pictures don’t do any justice to the actual covers. And yes, I do also own several of these books in paperback. One can never have enough Pratchett on their bookshelf (I have two whole shelves with just his amazing books… ).

If you haven’t picked up any books by Sir Terry Prachett yet, what are you waiting for??? He had such a wicked and beautifully twisted sense of humour, you are up for a hell of a ride with stomach cramps from laughing. The first time I picked up a book by him was 10+ years ago and he has been my favourite author ever since. His Discworld series is out of this world, and the satire he wrote will not be easily replaced.

I hope everyone has a wicked day,

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