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My main problem with my e-reader (apart from that the battery always manages to die when I just got at the HUGE plot twist in the story) is that I cannot put the books on my bookshelf and drool all over them… I LOVE a good looking book. And I Love it even more when it looks good next to the other books. Nothing hurts more than when there is a cover change halfway the series, or when the cover is the same and you get it and then find out it is 1 cm taller than the other books in the series. AAAAHHHHH

Even if the books are not part of a series, they can still look pretty next to one another. Therefore, I have a massive weak for book collections. I do not have that many yet, but I’m working on it…

I thought it might be fun to show off my ‘book collections’ as I go along.

So let’s kick it off with all my Penguin English Library editions.

I love these books for their simple desing and their bright colours. When I started off collecting them having 2 or 3 books I did not like how the spines looked next to each other, but not that I have got a few more I am loving all the colours. What I also really like is the picture of the author covering the whole inside flap of the book.

A few years ago I got the bright idea to read all the books by Jane Austen. I ended up reading only 2, but I do own 3 stories:

Of these, I mostly like the edition of Sense and Sensibility. And Oh ja, I did not read Pride and Prejudice… yet (I know, shame on me). I did certainly enjoy these books, but I am scared my taste in stories has changed so much I won’t like Pride and Prejudice that much. On the other hand, I have heard/read great things about it.

The other author of whom I own several books is H.G. Wells. My bookshelf could never be complete without his books.

I adore maze on the cover of The Island of Doctor Moreau, and the cells on The War of the Worlds stole my heart (being a biologist…).  I like the simplicity of The Time Machine, but this is definitely not my favourite cover. The Invisible Man on the other hand… again, stunning. All of these books I thoroughly enjoyed, especially The Island of Doctor Moreau (being a biologist… :p)

Staying with the sciencefiction classics:

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

So prety!!!!!!!! Sadly the story was just oke, or at least not what I had hoped from it.

And then a bit of horror:

Including my two best looking books in the collection: Dracula and Frankenstein… such a shame this pictured gets ‘ruined’ by The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales. Speaking of Poe, I will some day finish this book. Because it consists of several short stories, this is a book I dip in and out off… although I haven’t dipped in in quite a while. But I have read a few and some were certainly reeaaaallly good. Also, I have not yet read Frankenstein, but hope to change this really soon. And then Dracula, it was good, but not as good as I had hoped (the ending could have been spread over quite a few more pages, cutting out some other parts).

And those were the books I own. The collection also includes several books about Sherlock Holmes, but I do already own stunning copies of those (but one day when I have money and more space, I will also get them in these editions). I would love to get Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island still, all the other books are quite intimidating :p

I hope you all have an Awesome day




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